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Creating a Phantom Wallet

Creating a Phantom Wallet

This wallet can be installed on your device in two ways:

  • An extension in the browser (preferably Google Chrome), in case of installation on the computer.
  • The application, if installed on a mobile device with android or iOS.

For more convenience, you can install a wallet on both devices.

Installing the extension

If you want to install Phantom as a browser extension, you have to download and install it (automatic installation) from the chrome web store. Phantom Extension (opens in a new tab).

Download the extension only from trusted sources!!!

After downloading, you will need to create a new wallet (if you have not used it before). When creating a wallet, use a strong password, take care of the security of your assets!!!

After you have created a wallet, you will see a secret recovery phrase (also called a mnemonic or seed phrase) generated for your wallet.

Mnemonic phrase

**This phrase serves to restore access to the wallet if it is deleted from the device or transferred to another device. Without this phrase it is impossible to restore access to the wallet! This phrase should be stored in a secure place - for example, in a special password manager, which will be protected by a strong password or written on a piece of paper. If you have lost access to your phrase or it somehow fell into the hands of third parties - immediately create a new wallet and transfer all the assets to it, and forget about the old wallet.

After you have saved yourself this phrase - you can proceed to the next step. The system will prompt you to enter a few words from your phrase, in the order in which they were placed. For example, the fifth, seventh, and tenth word. After successful entry - you will get to your wallet.

Installing the application

If you want to install Phantom as an app, you need to download and install it from the mobile app store. Phantom for Android\IOS (opens in a new tab).

Download the app from trusted sources only!!! Do not try to find a separate file of this wallet, otherwise it will lead to the loss of assets in 99% of cases in the future!!!

Installing the app on a mobile device is identical to installing an extension.

Checking the Seed Phrase

After you installed an extension and/or app, it is recommended to check if you wrote out your secret recovery phrase (mnemonic phrase) correctly (especially if you are new to cryptocurrency wallets). To do this, you need to delete the extension or application and download it again. And then instead of Create Wallet, choose I already have a Wallet. After that you will need to enter your seed phrase in the correct order.

Mnemonic recovery phrase

So you can not only verify the correctness of the phrase, but also familiarize yourself with the procedure to restore access to the purse, which may be useful in the future. And, believe me, it's better to do it while there are no assets on your wallet!

Creating wallets

If you have only one account on one of the Golden Clone game servers, you only need one wallet in the Phantom app to play fully. Those players who have multiple accounts in the game, must create multiple wallets, as one Phantom wallet can only be tied to a single game account.

Phantom allows you to create up to 50 wallets in one application account, so it is very convenient for those players who have more than one game account on the Golden Clone servers.

  • To create another wallet inside Phantom, you must click on the circle with the first letter of the current wallet.

New Wallet 1

  • Then click on the current wallet.

New Wallet 2

  • Then select Add (Connect Wallet).

New Wallet 3

  • And the final touch - Create a new account

New Wallet 4

Done - now you have two different wallets, which can be attached to different accounts in the game.


For convenience, you can give your wallets clear names - the nickname of the main clone or the name of the server to which it will connect.

To rename a wallet, you need to do the following steps:

  • Click on the circle with the first letter of the name of the purse (screenshot is in subsection Create a purse, paragraph 1)
  • Click on the current wallet (there is a screenshot in Creating a Wallet, point 2)
  • Click on the three dots next to the wallet you want to rename.

Rename 1

  • Select Account Name.

Rename 2

  • And enter the names you want.

Rename 3

The number of characters in the name of the wallet is limited to 15 characters.