Choice of blockchain

Solana Blockchain

When choosing a blockchain, we put forward the following criteria, which we considered the most significant for our game project:

Decentralization of blockchain

According to the Ultimate publication, the number of nodes in the Solana blockchain is significantly higher than in most others, except Ethereum, and is on the order of 1,875 validators!

Source: Ultimate (opens in a new tab)

The size of the ecosystem

The Solana ecosystem is currently one of the largest in the cryptocurrency space, with over 300 projects built on this blockchain!

Solana Ecosystem
Source: S◎lanians (opens in a new tab)

Common blockchain TVL

In simple words, TVL is the amount of money that is locked in a project and shows its overall liquidity. At the moment, the TVL of all projects on the Solana blockchain is more than $2 billion.

Source: Solana Daily (opens in a new tab)

Involvement of institutional investors

Solana was able to attract the attention and investments of major crypto funds such as OKEx, MXC, and dozens of others. Our Golden Clone online strategy is more than 15 years old. Accordingly, the crypto-platform, on which we will base the further development of the game in the world of cryptocurrencies, must also be reliable, popular and have a clear future.

*Source: Dealroom

Transaction speed

Solana developers said their blockchain is capable of supporting about 50,000 transactions per second. In other words, that it is almost 1000 times faster than the Bitcoin blockchain and 3000 times faster than Ethereum! Read more (opens in a new tab)

Transaction Speed
Source: Justmy2Satoshis (opens in a new tab)

Transaction cost

The cost of transactions should not be an overhead for the average user. The average commission per transaction in the Solana blockchain is 0.000005 SOL, t.е. a tiny fraction of a cent!

Development tools

The reliability and modernity of the language used to create smart contracts in this blockchain, as well as the convenience and speed of development in this language.


Behind the project are very well-known developers who have already gained experience working for Apple, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and others. Thanks to this, the startup Solana was able to attract investors.

Top cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency SOL has been in the top 10 in terms of both capitalization and popularity for more than a year. It is traded on almost all cryptocurrency exchanges, paired with other popular coins or fiat money.

Solana Markets
Source: CoinMarketCap (opens in a new tab)

So, as a result of a comprehensive analysis, we opted for the Solana blockchain. There are already projects on this blockchain that have conquered the world and attracted millions of users. We might be next!