Introduction to Blockchain


The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies these days has led to the emergence of many terms that many people do not understand. One such term is "blockchain. It is on blockchain technology that all cryptocurrencies are built. In this section, we'll tell you in plain language what blockchain is and look at the benefits of the Solana blockchain, because it's the blockchain that the Golden Clone world will be transitioning to.

The principle of decentralization

Decentralization in the world of cryptocurrencies means that everyone manages their own assets and there is no single body that controls all assets. Подробнее

What is blockchain?

The essence of this term is largely reflected in the very meaning of the words it consists of - "block" and "chain. So a blockchain is a chain of many blocks. Подробнее

Benefits of Solana blockchain

Solana's blockchain is one of the fastest in terms of transaction speed and also has the lowest transaction fees. But that's not all its advantages either. Read more