The Three Little Pigs Tournament

Three Little Pigs Tournament

Tournament "Three Little Pigs"

Here, similar to a boar stadium, the best boar athletes compete. The difference is that the races are created and funded by the Clone World Sports Committee, not the players.

Applying for and participating in the tournament

The Three Little Pigs tournament is held three times a week - every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 p.m. GMT. The prize pool for each tournament is replenished by the Clone Land Sports Committee with 60 gold coins.

Registration begins 24 hours before the announced start time of the tournament. Participation is free.

Boars 15-350 days old with an active "Sport Mode" can participate in the "Three Little Pigs" tournament. Read more

An animal's participation in the tournament does not reduce the number of possible races in the Boar Stadium that day. The simultaneous participation of an animal in a free run and in a tournament is not allowed, but tournament runs can be combined with paid training.

As long as the tournament has not started, you can withdraw your entry at any time.

You can set up automatic participation in the league, so you do not miss the moment of registration. But keep an eye on the boar's characteristics: if they no longer meet the league requirements, the boar will not automatically participate in the tournament. We will have to choose another league.

The tournament prize fund is determined by the state and may vary in one direction or another. The maximum prize fund of the tournament is 100 gold coins.

At least 16 participants must be registered in the league to start the tournament. If a tournament does not take place in a league due to a shortfall, its prize pool is returned to the Athletic Committee.

Tournament leagues

The Three Little Pigs tournament is divided into 10 leagues.

You can choose to participate in only one league, in which the boar fits the "Experience" characteristic. In the next tournament you can choose another league that suits the boar, or participate in the same league again.

If a boar from a lower league is enrolled in a higher league tournament, he will certainly meet a boar from that higher league during the tournament.

Table. Three Little Pigs Tournament Leagues.

League nameMaximum experience of the boarPart of the total tournament fund (%)

Tournaments in all leagues start at the same time.

Table. Distribution of the prize fund within each league of the tournament "Three Little Pigs".

Medal placeShare of the fund (%)

Rules of the tournament

The tournament in each league will start only if at least 16 participants are registered in the league by the beginning of the tournament.

If the boar is registered in the tournament, he will automatically participate, you do not have to be at the computer at that time.

The results of the tournament will be available immediately after the end of the tournament.

The results of the previous tournament are stored for two days.

Order of the tournament:

  • Qualifying heats. The boars are drawn in pairs and entered in the standings. Heats are held, and the losers drop out of the tournament. The races continue until there are 16 boars left - they go on to the 1/4 finals.
  • 1/4 finals - finals. Boars are placed in the standings and races are held. Losers are eliminated as they approach the finals. In the final, one wins.
  • Awarding the winners (4 prizes) and the end of the tournament.


Tournament races are held according to the standard rules of races.

Before the start of the race, participants do not know the specifics of the route.

Participation in the race adds 0.016% muscle mass to the boar. Remember that muscle mass cannot be more than 70% of the animal's weight.

The quality of the boar's nutrition affects his performance during the race - the lower the animal's satiety as a percentage, the lower all his performance. Betting on the winner of the race

During the 2 minutes before the start of each race, you can bet on one of your opponents to win. Notification about the start of betting will be made in the news feed ("events" at the top of the page).

Bets are accepted in gold coins. If you made a bet, you cannot decrease or cancel it, but you can increase it.

Depending on the number and value of bets already made by players, you can see dynamically updated odds of winnings. 90% of the bets made are distributed to the winners depending on the odds. Let's say that with your bet of 1 gold coin and odds of 1.3, you will get 1.3 gold coins if this boar wins.

If all participants bet only on the winning boar, all bets are returned to the players.

If all participants bet only on the losing boars and no bets were placed on the winning boar, all bets go to the Stadium Sports Committee fund for boars.