Lucky Farmer Tournament

Lucky Farmer Tournament

Tournament "Lucky Farmer"

The state of the Clone Land encourages poultry farming activities to stimulate the development of this industry. A weekly "Happy Farmer" tournament was established to recognize the best poultry farmers. The tournament includes ALL chicken farms in Clone Land (or Conquered Lands, depending on the server).

Contest Nominations

Table. Nominations for the "Happy Farmer" contest

NominationDescription of the nomination
Maximum total number of eggs per weekThe maximum number of eggs laid on a farm between 00:00:00 on Monday and 23:59:59 on Sunday is taken into account
Maximum total number of chicks per weekThe maximum number of chicks born on the farm in the period from 00:00:00 on Monday to 23:59:59 on Sunday is taken into account

Prize fund

As you already know, you can produce Chicken Health elixirs in the Alchemy Lab. The player must spend 1.5 gold coins to make each box of elixirs.

From this revenue line, the State contributes 5% to the tournament prize fund. The prize pool accumulated during the week is further divided into two equal parts, each of which forms the prize pool for the two tournament categories. Prizes in each category

Table. Distribution of the prize fund in the "Happy Farmer" contest

Medal placeShare of the prize fund (%)

If several clones happen to have the same score at the end of the tournament, the one with the higher number of chickens (at the time the winners are determined) will be ranked higher. If these figures are also equal, the distribution of such winners on the prizes will be performed in random order.