Resource lottery

Resource lottery

Resource lottery

The Resource Lottery is held continuously by the Clone Earth State. Clones of the social status of "artisan" and above can participate in the resource lottery.

Drawings are held in 4 categories - "Wood", "Stone", "Cereals", "Iron". The state forms 4 prize funds - for each nomination, respectively.

The funds are replenished by the state's transfer of 5% of the discount item from the Commodity Exchange and Fair. The amount received is divided equally among the four nominations.

You must purchase at least one ticket to participate in the lottery. Each clone can purchase an unlimited number of tickets. The cost of the ticket is 1 unit of the corresponding type of resource.

Any clone can find a lottery ticket on the streets of the virtual clone world. To do this, he must have the status of at least "craftsman" and regularly log into the account. If a ticket is found, the clone will be notified by game mail.

You have the option to set up automatic participation in the lottery so you don't have to keep track of your fund replenishment progress. To do this, just check the box next to the desired type of resource and enter the number of tickets, and then click "OK". Tickets will be purchased immediately prior to the start of the next round of the lottery.

Attention! To purchase tickets automatically, the resource must be available in the clone's purse or in the vault.

Conducting a drawing

The drawing begins automatically, immediately after the prize fund in the nomination up to 100 gold coins is accumulated. At this point, the sale of tickets for the current draw ends and the sale for the next draw begins. The drawing itself begins 1 hour after that.

At the time of the drawing, 10 winners are chosen in each category, each of whom will receive 1/10 of the total prize pool in that category. Drawing takes place online, the participant can watch its progress.

The draw always consists of 20 laps. For example, 1,000 tickets were purchased. On each round, N = 1000 / 20 = 50 tickets will be withdrawn from the draw.

After each such qualifying round, there is approximately a 40-second emotional break. During the break, each player can check to see which tickets are eliminated and which remain in the drawing - and so on until the last 50 tickets are left. After that, the last round of drawing will be held, this time the system will select only 10 tickets, which will be the lucky ones.

In the archive you can see all the winners of the lottery and the size of the prize received.