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A vault is a centralized place to store all of your characters' resources, items, and other game values. The Vault allows you to easily manage the good that your clones have accumulated. The vault does not have a clone owner, it belongs to the account.

Building a repository

Table. Cost of building a storage facility


Repairs to the storage facility

Repair work is required every 30 days, with 2 pieces of wood and stone. You can turn on the "Automatically repair storage in case of breakage" function, in which case the storage will be repaired if the necessary resources are available at the time of repair either at the main clone in the sum, or in the storage when the "Automatically give clones the required items or resources if necessary" function is turned on. The status of your main account clone must be higher than the tramp.

If necessary, you can enable automatic purchase of the desired resource if it is missing.

Table. Automatic storage repair

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs+
Maximum automatic purchase price5 times the nominal price

Attention! When purchasing a resource automatically, the general rule: the current minimum purchase price of each type of resource can not exceed its fivefold nominal price. If the resource costs more - the purchase will not be made.

Managing things in the vault

Everything in the vault can be taken by any clone account (except the tramp), the vault must be repaired to do so. In the event of a storage unit malfunction, the collection and dispensing of resources and other things is stopped until repairs are made. In this case, everything is safe and is not lost.

Warning. You can discard items and resources from the vault if you no longer need them. The operation is irreversible, so be careful. In the settings you can disable the display of this button.

In the Repository Account Book, you can find a history of all the resources and items that have been in or out of the repository for the last 3 months.

Collection in the vault

You can simply collect the necessary items in the vault and just as easily distribute everything you need to your clones. The table reflects everything that is deposited by your clones. When you hover your cursor over the column headers, you will be able to command all your characters to drop their inventory into the vault.

You can also manage groups of items by entering sections (e.g. Food, Artifacts...), then you can collect only resources/items of that type from all clones.

The easiest way to collect the necessary items is to activate the "Automatically collect resources from clones" function by clicking on the link of the same name. In the table you will be able to choose the types of items/products that will automatically arrive in the storehouse from all clones as soon as they appear in the clone's purse (up to 5 minutes). There you will also be able to manually collect a certain type of product from all the clones.

Release from storage

When you hover your cursor over the amount of a particular resource or item, you can order the transfer of the desired amount of resource or item to a particular clone.

If the "Automatically give clones required items or resources when needed" function is activated, then, in case of lack of any resource, item, etc., it will be automatically taken by the clone if needed from the storage (if it is available in the storage).

Attention! One tool with a strength greater than 1 cannot be given to more than one clone. It will be taken by the first clone who needs it.

Attention! It is not possible to serve food to the refectory from the storage room.