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Public school

Public school

In public school, clones can be trained in various professions. Education will allow the clone to gain a higher social status (on the "Social Status" page of the "Character" menu).

One specialty training lasts 3 days (72 hours).

You have the ability to choose accelerated training mode (for each specialty separately), for this clone will spend more energy (stamina consumption):

  • To speed up the training process by 2 times, you need to spend 2 units of stamina.
  • Acceleration - 10 times, the consumption of 10 units of endurance.
  • Train instantly - the consumption of 20 stamina units.

"1 Endurance" is the value of the energy value of foods.

A clone gets the necessary amount of stamina from the Refectory (clone dining room). Don't forget to put food in the refectory.

Attention! Training in each specialty begins separately. Consequently, stamina must be added separately for each science, before training begins. Be careful, because it is not possible to add stamina once you start training. It is impossible to cancel a training that has already begun.

It is possible to study several specialties at the same time.


In order to obtain the status of "craftsman," a vagrant must be trained in a public school.

Table. The cost of teaching a vagrant the sciences to become a craftsman

EducationCost Золотой (gold)
"Reading and writing"1
"Weapon training"1
"Fundamentals of Metallurgy."1

After you have fully completed the training, your status will increase automatically.


In order to obtain the status of "peasant," a craftsman must be trained in a public school.

Table. Cost of training a craftsman in the sciences to become a peasant

EducationCost Золотой (gold)
"Stock farming"2,5


In order to obtain "burgher" status, one must attend public school.

Table. Cost of education of a peasant in the sciences to obtain the status of a burgher

EducationCost Золотой (gold)
"The monetary system of the Land of Clones"10