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Staying power

Staying power

After becoming a Craftsman, you become a full-fledged resident of the Clone Earth. Your character will need a daily meal even if he is not working. Daily energy expenditure = 1 "endurance".

+1 "Stamina" the clone gets when he passes to the Craftsman estate (joy charges him).

Stamina consumption

Each clone residing in the state and having the social status of "Craftsman" or higher spends one stamina consumption rate every day. This is required for active participation in social and working life. The tramps don't need endurance.

A clone will consume this stamina even if it does not work in any enterprise or activity. The normal value of a clone's Stamina trait is 0 or higher. If you do not replenish your stamina, it will drop below 0.

Remember, a hungry clone (with a stamina rating below 0) cannot concentrate on business and is therefore completely limited in his actions. Such a clone is only allowed to buy gold coins on the Currency Exchange and food on the Commodity Exchange in the Trade Guild. He (as well as other clones from the same account, even if their stamina is above 0) is not allowed any other actions.

All operations of expending or accruing stamina to a clone can be found in the characteristics log, with detailed descriptions.

If a clone takes a job in a state enterprise, it will consume +1 unit of energy (stamina). If it works on more than one job, the power consumption will increase proportionately. For example, if a clone works at 2 state enterprises, he will expend 3 endurance units daily (1 daily rate + 1 at one enterprise + 1 at the second enterprise).

If a clone takes a job in a private enterprise, it will consume +0.5 unit of energy (stamina). That is, the total consumption will be 1.5 units per day (1 daily rate + 0.5 in a private enterprise).

A clone's "toughness" characteristic may be negative, it may be positive, or it may be 0. If you do not replenish stamina, the clone's stamina score will drop below 0 due to the mandatory daily consumption of 1 standard consumption.

A hungry clone (with a stamina rating below 0) has no energy to deal with. The hungry clone does not die, but the game account is limited in action. Allowed to buy gold coins, buy food, restore the energy of the clones for a successful life.

Don't forget to go into the refectory (clone dining room) and serve food to the clones. The food you select and serve will be converted into energy units (stamina). The clones will automatically eat the right amount.

Food for the clone can be purchased at the Commodity Exchange, grown in the fields by farming, obtained by animal husbandry, poultry farming.

Increased endurance

It is possible to increase the amount of stamina:

  • Serving food in the refectory. This method allows you to maintain stamina levels for all clones in your account (the refectory will be a common dining room for them).
  • The use of magical artifacts - ring endurance (with different gems). You can buy them at the Fair. Rings daily increase endurance, but there are conditions: 1. Only a clone whose current stamina is at least 0 (zero) can wear an endurance ring. 2. If a clone is wearing a stamina ring, but the energy drain is so high that the stamina has dropped below 0, magic will work! All clones of your game account will have their Stamina Rings automatically removed and transferred to the clone bag. Please be careful to watch your stamina readings. The most reliable way is to have a supply of energy in the refectory.
  • Additionally from 1% to 50% of the daily stamina rate is restored if the clone lives in the house. The property to live in can be either owned or rented. In this case, the clone feels comfortable, he sleeps out and some of his energy is restored. The amount of stamina recovered daily depends on the house level - the higher it is, the more energy is recovered.
  • Additionally +5% of daily stamina is restored if the clone lives in a house that is located in a principality with level of development = Megalithic Era.
  • Additionally from +20 to +50% of daily stamina is restored if the clone wears clothes. The more decently a clone is dressed, the more stamina it recovers.

In some plants, endurance consumption rates are additionally described. For example, working in jewelry production would require an additional +1 stamina to the consumption rate. Working at the construction site of principalities and construction sites of principalities (long-term construction sites) consumes an additional + 1.5 stamina units per day (or 1 unit if the clone lives in a house in the territory of a given principality).

Exchange for endurance coupons

Stamina units from the refectory can be exchanged for stamina coupons.

Stamina coupons are required for bidding at the Auction of Securities when purchasing Securities of the Trade Guild. They are also used to update leads in robberies.

1 stamina unit = 1 stamina coupon, exchange can be made in both directions. When exchanging stamina units are taken from the refectory, and the coupons received appear in the sum of the current clone.

If coupons are no longer needed for any reason, they can always be exchanged for stamina, in which case the coupons will be spent and the stamina will reappear in the refectory.