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Social statuses
General Features

General Features

"Social status" is exactly the name given to one's position in organized society. Every clone of our state is a cell of an organism.

Social status is determined by a set of distinctive characteristics - the level of income, education, power, consumption, the nature of work.

The higher the status, the wider the range of activities available and the more diverse the sources of potential income, privileges and responsibilities, and opportunities to influence social processes.

Your clone rises from the very "bottom" of society to the top of Mount Olympus - not an easy path from vagabond to Emperor. You, as the creator of your character, control its development. Everything is in your hands. You are the Creator!

As you play, you'll look around not only in the virtual world, but also in your real world. We wish you to become an Emperor not only in the clone world, but also in the REAL world!

There are eight social statuses on Clone Earth:

  • Tramp Tramp.
  • Craftsman Craftsman.
  • Peasant Peasant.
  • Philistine Philistine.
  • MerchantMerchant.
  • Baron Baron.
  • Count Count.
  • Emperor Emperor.

Common features of different statuses

General status capabilities (except for the vagabond):

  • Acquisition of mines.
  • Use of artifacts.
  • Receiving royalties for interesting articles in the Gazette.
  • Acquisition of peacocks.
  • Service in the princely squadron.
  • Gaining Combat Skills.
  • Real Estate Acquisition.
  • Keeping dragons (if you have a castle and caves).
  • Hunting for caches of gold.
  • Trade at the fair.
  • Work at construction sites.
  • Participation in auctions.
  • Purchase of securities, goods and other things.
  • Participation in the hunt.
  • Robbery/Security/Tournaments.
  • Mentoring of rookie tramps.
  • Making magical items at the Center for Innovation.
  • Ammunition Manufacturing.

Additional government subsidy for young clones

The state provides financial support for clones just starting out in our virtual world. An additional daily social subsidy has been created, which will be paid in gold coins to clones who meet certain conditions.

These conditions are formed by the state, and at the moment they are as follows:

  • Clones of the social status "Rogue" up to 60 days old from birth receive a subsidy of 0.01 gold coin.
  • Clones of the Craftsman social status up to 100 days old receive a 0.02 gold coin subsidy.
  • Clones of Peasant social status up to 120 days old receive a 0.05 gold coin subsidy.
  • Clones of the social status of "Philistine" up to 150 days old receive a subsidy of 0.16 gold coin.
  • Clones of Merchant social status up to 180 days old receive a 0.3 gold coin subsidy.
  • Clones of Baron social status up to 250 days old receive a 0.6 gold coin subsidy.
  • Clones of the "Earl" social status up to 360 days old receive a subsidy of 1 gold coin.
  • Clones of the social status of "Emperor" up to 500 days old receive a subsidy of 2 gold coins.

A clone's age is calculated from the date it was created (not from the date it was promoted).

There are a total of 4 types of subsidies for your clones on Clone Earth. In addition to the subsidy for young residents of the state, these are:

  • Age subsidy (the older the clone, the higher the subsidy), paid at the end of the week.
  • Subsidy according to social status in the state.
  • Subsidy for active players.