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A refectory is a place where all clones of your account consume food, kvass, restore health, and can activate automatic healing and train intention. Stamina is necessary for a clone to maintain strength and work activities on a daily basis.

Each food item has an energy value - units of endurance. The second column of the table shows these values.

The third column shows the number of products of each type in the clone's bag and in the storage.

In the fourth column is the number of stamina units you can get by serving this type of product in the refectory.

To serve food in the refectory, enter the amount in the desired boxes and click on the "Serve" button below the table. This will increase the "Total in your refectory" field by the number of stamina units that have been served. This is the available amount of stamina your clones can consume.

Clones will expend stamina automatically as needed. If you need to increase the stamina of a certain clone right now, you can do so from the "Restore Stamina" tab.

Detailed stamina consumption statistics from the refectory and the approximate time for which the clones have enough stamina can be found in the "Food Log" section. Please note that the calculation of the remaining time is approximate and may differ from the actual consumption. Always keep a supply of stamina in the refectory just in case.

You can set up automatic feeding of certain products from the clone's inventory to the refectory. In this case, the products, once in the sum of the clone, immediately (within 5-10 minutes) will be served in the refectory in full. This is convenient, for example, if the clone gets products from animals for its own use - eggs, milk, and so on.

To enable auto-feeding, check the necessary checkboxes and click the "Save" button. Note that each clone has its own automatic feed settings. Autofeeding is done only from the clone's inventory. All products that are in storage will not be served. Keep this feature in mind when turning on the auto-feed settings in the refectory and auto-collect resources in the storage settings at the same time.

Serving produce in the refectory is an irreversible operation! It is impossible to translate stamina back into products. However, you can exchange stamina for "stamina coupons" and back. "Stamina coupons" are used in some game situations - for example, to update loot tips or to buy "Trade Guild Securities" at auction.


Kvas is a traditional Slavic and Baltic sour beverage made from fermented bread with malt or dry rye bread.

Main properties of kvass

As you consume each bottle of kvass, the clone increases one of the characteristics (your choice):

  • Knowledge of military affairs (+10 units).
  • Military Initiative (+2 units).

In addition, each bottle of kvass may (or may not) add one more unit of any special knowledge (except such knowledge as "criminal authority," "thief's luck," and "luck"). Special knowledge is chosen at random. The special knowledge gained in this way stays with the clone forever.

Kvass in the refectory can be drunk before each battle, in the amount of 1 to 3 bottles of kvass. You can set the automatic consumption of kvass. In this case the clone will drink kvass before the next fight immediately after the end of the previous one.

Additionally, kvass can be consumed during training in the prince's arena (if the clone serves in the prince's retinue). In this case, you can drink up to 5 bottles of kvass per workout, depending on the level of arena development. This option is available on the training page.

Kvass for consumption must be in the clone's purse or in storage. You can buy kvass at the Fair.

Don't forget that a clone's own military knowledge (basic knowledge) is limited.

Additional properties of kvass

A clone can drink kvass in order to convert the "Extra bonus for kvass" characteristic to "Military Knowledge".

"Extra bonus for kvass" can be earned in the following ways:

  • Training in the battle arena of the principality.
  • Participating in battles as part of the princely squadron.
  • Participating in battles as part of a bandit army.

Conversion is automatic in a 1:1 ratio (but no more than 33 units for each bottle you drink).

To do this, the clone can drink an unlimited amount of kvass - as much as necessary to fully convert its available "Bonus". The first three bottles, drunk before combat as usual, give +10 units of military knowledge or +2 units of military initiative (player's choice), convert up to 33 units. "Bonus" to military knowledge, and can also give 1 unit of any special knowledge. Subsequent bottles (drunk before the next battle) only convert "Bonus".

If a clone is registered for the Battle Tournament, he is not allowed to drink kvass indefinitely. He can drink no more than 3 bottles before each fight. You can convert the desired amount of "Bonus" into military knowledge before registering for the tournament.

Health restoring

Initially (at birth) the clone receives 100 health units (this is the maximum possible value). During combat, the clone loses health units when hit by an enemy. The character never dies, he only loses the battle due to lack of health units.

Health can be replenished in two ways:

  • Daily (at the calculated time) automatically restores +20 health units. Thus, a clone can fully restore health to 100 units in 5 days.
  • You can use the "Elixirs of Health" in the Refectory.

One elixir immediately tops up your health to a maximum of 100. You can buy it at the Fair or make it yourself in the Alchemy Lab.

In the Refectory, you can set up automatic treatment of your clones (all or just selected ones) as needed.

You can refill your health with the elixir only before the battle begins. Automatic health restoration with the elixir also takes place before the start of combat, which the character enters, if the specified condition on the minimum health threshold is met.

Endurance Coupons

Stamina units from the refectory can be exchanged for stamina coupons.

Stamina coupons are required for bidding at the Auction of Securities when purchasing Securities of the Trade Guild. They are also used to update the leads in the Priton.

1 stamina unit = 1 stamina coupon, exchange can be made in both directions. When exchanging stamina units are taken from the refectory, and the coupons received appear in the sum of the current clone.

If coupons are no longer needed for any reason, they can always be exchanged for stamina, in which case the coupons will be spent and the stamina will reappear in the refectory.

Training for the "Intent" characteristic

To train Intent, a clone must reside in his own or a rented home and expend additional stamina. A maximum of 5 units of intent can be trained in the Refectory per day.

If a clone has no residence, the "Intent" trait is reduced by 1 unit/day (but not below 0).

Table. Training of intention in the refectory

House levelStaying power Staying power

Warning. Castles have one magical property: if a castle has a maximum social policy, then the stamina consumption of a clone living in such a castle will be 3 units.

You can set the number of units of intent that the clone will automatically receive at the end of the day.