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Psychology of success


We have wings, like a mighty energetic sail that carries us across the boundless expanse of intention (life). Alas, we are often unaware of them or do not know how to manage them. What if we could?

So, in order:

"Generic system" - you are in the center in the form of a child (see illustration above). Behind you are your parents - mom, dad. Behind your mother her mother and father, behind your father his mother and father, etc. The women of the tribe are in pink, the men of the tribe in green. It is believed that our ancestors up to the 7th generation have a direct influence on the set of qualities we have in us. If you place our ancestors one after the other, then visually you get a view of wings, which is why this graphical system was called the ancestral bird.

Each of the men and women of the family has lived his destiny, he has accumulated invaluable experience, which he passed on to his children - both energetically (conception of a child) and by upbringing. Remember or ask your parents, your grandparents, how they lived, what they and previous generations - your ancestors had to go through, let them tell you everything they can remember about your family. Listen carefully, try to gather the maximum picture about your lineage.

Every life experience matters. For example, somewhere in the generations the man of the family was a tyrant - he drank, he beat his wife and children, he was a bad father and husband, he may have died a quick and ignominious death. You know, he had his reasons. All of our actions have a reason behind them. Perhaps he too was a victim of a tyrant and couldn't handle it, was weak and became a tyrant too. Maybe he was waiting and not getting something (love, affection, warmth), and it affected him, he got drunk, with the ensuing consequences. There are a lot of options. But it's important to understand, one way or another, he gave his children EVERYTHING he could give--everything he had the strength to do.

For example, previous generations went through hardships and deprivations - through dekulakization, repressions, wars, famine… The accumulated experience could be in the form of fear of loss, and fear of parting, etc. For example, a person feels that as soon as money comes to him, he loses it almost immediately. And these ways of loss are completely different. Got money, someone came to ask for a loan and didn't pay it back. The car broke down, spent on repairs. Some ridiculous buying or walking around that results in a complete drain on your money. Or maybe a person is just afraid of money, not understanding why, and the result of this fear is a constant drain of money under various pretexts? Most likely, you are governed by the ancestral experience passed down to you. For example, my great-grandfather was dispossessed and sent to a camp. As a result, experience has been gained - don't have anything, it's safer. Each person is absolutely individual, and his lineage has passed on to him the accumulated experience. But you are no longer a child and can work with the experiences, weaknesses or, conversely, strengths that have been passed down. Set your sail and fly there and at the speed you want! Don't be a leaf carried by the wind.

Tincture Practice #1:

Think about it, behind you there is an army of warriors of the clan, you are their legitimate representative! You are the one in whom all the experience of your kind is invested! These warriors are like a mighty wall that protects and defends you.

Open the illustration of the bird of the genus. Talk to each warrior of the clan, conduct a formation. Tell your mother that you love her and thank her for being there and for the experience she has given you. Tell her it's her rightful place and you respect it. You may want to add more, go for it! Next, talk to Dad, and then and in order with each warrior of his kind (whom you can imagine). Imagine each of them, what they look like and what times they live in, what their surroundings are, and what experiences they have gained and passed on to you. Feel this power of experience with your spinal cord.

Tincture Practice #2:

In case any experience handed down to you by your clan burdens and hinders you, do this: Turn around to face your clan, look at everyone, cast a glance around your entire army. Speak before your clan!

Tell them that you thank them for the experience they have passed on to you, that you respect and appreciate them. Ask permission to remove an "artifact" that you don't want (fear of loss, fear of change, fear of high income, fear of responsibility, independence, or whatever you find in yourself that gets in your way). If you know exactly from whom of your family you inherited this experience (artifact), then talk to him personally. Say that you remove this artifact with gratitude and safely for yourself. Give thanks for it, because it was an invaluable experience for someone of your kind. Replace the removed artifact with another artifact - the one you are missing. Create it visually for yourself, forge it with a magic hammer and give it power.

Hold the artifact in front of you and ask your entire tribal army to empower it. Now ask permission from your kind to wear and use this new artifact successfully and safely for yourself. When you've talked to your clan, turn your back to the troop, feel - you're ahead of everyone - you're the rightful representative of your clan. Feel your wings of energy, wave them, you see the golden dust of a billion sparks flying off your wings from your strokes. From now on, you control your wings of intention as a mighty energy sail. So be it!

Work through these practices thoughtfully and slowly, dig deep within yourself, look for weaknesses and reasons, where they came from, who gave them to you. Use the replay practice described in the previous section. All these are long practices of their own working out. They can take years, take your time, work on yourself - play and work. Become the best version of yourself!