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Jung's test

Jung's test

Jung's test, also called the key to the unconscious.

Surround yourself with silence, try to turn off the thought process and write quickly 16 words - associations to the conceived word. Since The Age of Clones is an economic simulator, we suggest that you test the word "money" first.

Word associations are all the associations to the word "money" that come to mind. The sooner you write these words down, the better, try not to think. Example: for the word "Family" - joy, warmth, experiences, children, love, etc.…, 16 word associations.

For each pair of words you see on the screen, write your associative word - what immediately comes to mind.

Ready? - begin.

Explanation (read AFTER the test):

According to statistics, many people do not understand why money bypasses them. What's the matter, and why this is happening to them. They don't even realize that they can subconsciously push them away. Sometimes the result is staggering. For example, the result could be "money = fear," "money = glass," "money = loss," or something similar. This means that you need to find the reason for this attitude and work it out. We will try to help you find the reasons for this attitude and correct them if necessary.

Let's try to decipher your results:

Your inner attitude toward money = "received word." It will become clear to you what your inner unconscious self thinks about it.

In the process of life, you form your attitude toward yourself and the world. Or to be more precise, your environment shapes your attitude to the world. Parents (grandparents and other relatives) have the strongest influence on the formation of a child's views. This exposure is called "stamps."

For example, the father built socialism, he has formed his own vision of the world, and he transfers (nurtures) his vision to his son from childhood:

Money is evil, money is deception, a neighbor wins the lottery, money is an ordeal, etc. Money strategy stamp: work from dawn to dawn, work like a slave in the galleys… The child has grown up and is afraid of money with all his soul, he really needs it, but he does not realize that he subconsciously drives it away!

Or the opposite stamp: Money is opportunity, investment, money is beautiful clothes, progress, travel, joy, freedom of choice. The child grows up, and everything seems to work itself out. He's like a dabbler of fortune, everything comes easy…

The opposite stamp of a money-making strategy: Favorite business - let it bring me an income. I want to make money by playing - let the universe take care of it!

The "secondary benefit" stamp: All rich people are evil and dishonest. I will be poor because I am kind and honest. Or: I'm fat, and I want to lose weight, but then I won't look solid, I won't be noticeable, people won't listen to me. There must be a lot of good man!

"Ancestral Field" - Grandfather went through the war (fear of death, hunger, cold, etc.). Great-grandfather was dispossessed and repressed (fear of loss, imprisonment, etc.). Grandmother went through the siege (fear of loss, hunger, deprivation). Each of us has a huge clan. It is believed that the ancestral field up to the 7th generation imprints itself on us. Each of our kind has lived a destiny and gained experience that has been passed down from generation to generation. For example: The grandmother knows what hunger is, and she feeds her granddaughter because she thinks that her granddaughter is thin and totally exhausted. Eventually the granddaughter gets fat, becomes an adult, and doesn't know how to lose weight. It is stamped with the notion that if it is fed, it means it is loved.

In case money is similar for you: "money = progress, different positive themes that you genuinely reach for" - great news for you, you're on the right track. Take action, and the money will come to you to use and implement your ideas!

If you like the test, you can take it with any word you want, for example: family, work, love, etc. The word can be anything you want. Anything that interests or bothers you. Start sorting yourself out!

As your character develops and moves up the social ladder, he will learn more…