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Teaching Characteristics

Employment at the University is in the section "Work" → "State Enterprises" → "University".

You don't have to get a job at a university to teach "rigging practice." If your rigging proficiency = 100 units or higher, then your name will automatically appear in the list of rigging teachers.

Teachers can set the cost of their "academic hour" between 0.2 gold and 0.9999 gold under Jobs - State Enterprises - University - Rates. The default cost for an academic hour is 1 gold.

Tuition (minus the state fee) goes to the instructor's game account immediately after the student pays the tuition.

Each teacher pays a state fee = 0.15 gold coins per academic hour sold.

When you pay the prudence training fee, the state pays out of this line item of income:

  • 0.005 gold to the charity fund.
  • 0.065 gold to the University's prize fund.

When the fee for rigging practice training is paid, the state pays 0.005 gold from this line of income to the charity.

The higher a teacher's "reasonableness" score, the higher he or she ranks on the list of reasonableness teachers. Similarly for teachers "rigging practice."

The number of units of "reasonableness" or "rigging practice" - which a teacher can sell per day is calculated by the formula:

H=P50H = \frac{P}{50} - 1

  • HH - you can teach reasoning/tackling to other clones;
  • PP - prudence/tackle practice in the instructor's availability.

For "rigging practice" - a limit of a maximum of 24 units per day can be sold by the instructor.

For "reasonableness" - the limit on the number of units sold per day is not limited to the maximum.

If a teacher has reached his or her teaching limit for that day, "Busy teaching" appears next to his or her name.