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Rigging practice

Rigging practice

The characterization of the rigging practice opens up such possibilities for the clone:

  • Control of warships with a set of rigging (with 100 characteristic units). Rigging can be created in the Rigging Workshop of settlements and principalities. Read more
  • Teaching rigging practice (with 100 characteristic units). Read more
  • Receiving payments from the captains' fund (if you have 100 characteristic units). Read more

Rigging practice

The list of teachers shows the number of available academic hours and the cost per academic hour. If you buy 1 academic hour, the characteristic of the clone will increase +1 ;

The clone's scores change as soon as the tuition fee is paid.

A clone with a stamina rating less than 0 (hungry) cannot be trained by teachers. If you have even one hungry clone, you cannot train.

On the "Developing Characteristics and Knowledge - Rigging Practice" page is a list of all the teachers who teach "rigging". You can choose a teacher and buy "academic hours.

One "academic hour of training" equals +1 unit of rigging practice for your clone.

If teachers do not have more training hours available, but your clone needs more, you can turn to the elder "changeling" and gain knowledge from him individual training (more expensive).