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Judgment is an important game characteristic that may be needed in various game situations.

It is used for:

  • Getting a special education.
  • Buildings of the settlement.
  • Buildings of the Principality.
  • Increasing the level of development of the settlement.
  • Employment at various state-owned enterprises.
  • The teaching of prudence in the university.
  • Exchange for special knowledge.
  • Acquisitions of pleasure craft.

Teaching prudence

On the page "Character" → "Education" → "Character Development" in the list of teachers the number of available academic hours and the cost of 1 academic hour. If you buy 1 academic hour, the characteristic of the clone will increase +1. The clone's scores change as soon as the tuition fee is paid.

A clone with a stamina rating less than 0 (hungry) cannot be trained by teachers. If you have even one hungry clone, you cannot train.

On the Developing Characteristics and Knowledge - Teaching Reasonableness page is a list of all teachers at Clone Earth University. You can choose any instructor and buy their "academic teaching hours.

If teachers do not have more training hours available, but your clone needs more, you can go to the elder "changeling" and gain knowledge from him individual training (more expensive).

You can exchange "Experience" or "Charisma" for "Judgment" in the "Characteristics Exchange" section of the University.