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Combat characteristics

When your clone participates in battles, trains in the arena, or is simply a member of the princely squad or bandit army, he gets different characteristics. Military characteristics include knowledge of military affairs and military initiative, and thieves' characteristics include criminal authority and thieves' luck.

Table. Description of combat characteristics

Name of characteristicWhat affectsHow to increase
Military skills Military skillsAffects the marksmanship of the shot/strike with a cold weapon (compared to the opponent)Proved in battles, service in the bandit army or princely squadron, training in the princely arena, visiting the Great Warrior Complex, the use of artifacts and jewelry accessories, drinking the drink "kvass
Military initiative Military initiativeUsed in selecting the order of firingProved in battles, service in the bandit army or the princely squadron, visiting Therms, using jewelry accessories, drinking the drink "kvass
Criminal authority Criminal authorityNumber of robberies per day + level of robbed houseParticipation in gang raids, service in gang troops, use of jewelry accessories
Thieves' luck Thieves' luckDetermines the chance of a robbery without noise and dust (no fighting or gunfire)Upgrades in combat (if you loot houses or settlements)Use of jewelry accessories

The value of a clone's own knowledge of military affairs (basic knowledge) cannot be higher than 1,000,000 units. But there is a trick - temporarily you can increase the amount of military knowledge more than this value through the use of jewelry, magical artifacts, the characteristic of "intention", the use of systems to protect houses and settlements. If you have fought our common enemy Webman and earned rewards - they do not increase the knowledge more than 1 million.