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Training in the arena

Training in the arena

You can get access to training on the page "Character" → "Rent" → "Training Arena".

The training arena allows for professional training with the squad, during which the fighters significantly increase their fighting skills. Clones of the princely squad are allowed into the Training Arena who have paid a daily training fee. Payments for training are made for the desired number of days, at a price designated by the prince, and paid daily to the prince. If a clone is dismissed from the ranks of the squad, the gold coins for the training he paid for but did not use will be returned.

The arena allows for combat training with the princely squad personnel. In the course of training, fighters increase their fighting skills and develop characteristics. This is where a clone, in constant training, has the chance to become a true professional in the military.

The princely "Training Arena" includes areas for both field and naval exercises. Thus, it is possible to intern here on both artillery guns and warships. Remember that an artillery gun can be commanded by a clone not lower than Peasant, and a warship by a clone not lower than Philistine.

The arena has several levels of development. The higher the level of the Arena, the greater the number of units of the "Additional bonus for Kvass" trait the clone earns per training session. Also, the number of bottles of kvass drink that a clone can drink during training depends on the Arena level. Consuming more kvass allows you to more effectively develop knowledge of military affairs or military initiative, as well as to convert the "Extra bonus for kvass" into knowledge of military affairs more quickly during training. Read more

Don't forget that a clone's own military knowledge (basic knowledge) is limited to 1,000,000 units.

During each training the clone uses 1 unit of stamina. The fighter must wear the desired weapon, artillery piece or warship with which he intends to train. Depending on the type of weapon, the clone will receive a certain amount of Military Knowledge. Ammunition fighters provide the prince, by paying gunsmith the amount 0.02 gold / day per soldier. The gunsmith himself keeps track of the amount of ammunition needed for daily drills. For this reason, the minimum cost of training that can be assigned by the prince is 0.02 gold. The maximum value is limited to 0.1 gold.

Weapons of fighters in the course of training wear out. If the firearm is so worn out that it is insufficient for the current training, the clone will be trained either with a cold weapon (if one is worn) or hand-to-hand (if no weapon is available). If a clone lacks stamina, it will not be able to participate in a paid training session, and there is no refund for missed training. If during the clone's training a battle involving his squad begins, the clone will be able to participate in the battle.

Table. Daily increase in military knowledge and weapon wear and tear during training in the princely arena

WeaponsWeapon wear and tear (daily)Accrual of knowledge of military affairs / (daily)
Fists Fists02
Knuckles Knuckles208
Awl Awl2012
Knife Knife2020
Bayonet Bayonet2028
Saber Saber2036
Pistol Pistol2040
Fusil Fusil2044
Musket Musket2048
Carbine Carbine2052
Pistols Pistols2060
Scimitar Scimitar200160
Katana Katana60200
Double-barrel rifle Double-barrel rifle150160
Three-barrel rifle Three-barrel rifle200180
Sniper rifle Sniper rifle80240
Hand machine gun AB 0614 Hand machine gun AB 0614200220
Small cannon Small cannon100160
Regiment cannon Regiment cannon120220
Unicorn (long cannon) Unicorn (long cannon)110240
Brig Brig100320
Corvette Corvette120400
Battle ship Battle ship150560
Brig Brig with rigging set100360
Corvette Corvette with rigging set120440
Battle ship Battel ship with rigging set150600