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Clothes for the characters

Clothes for the characters

There are several types of clothing for your characters in the clone world.

Casual clothing and its characteristics

High-quality clothing in the clone world is not only a means of protection from the weather, but plays the role of a kind of social "passport" in society, reflecting the class, wealth and individuality of the owner. These clothes are made from linen fiber, which is abundantly grown on the territory of the Clone State.

Everyday clothes are for male and female clones, as well as for clones of different statuses, but any clone can wear them, regardless of their gender or class.

Warning. Wearing clothes gives certain bonuses in the form of Intent and Stamina, but if a clone wears clothes that do not match his social status, he will not receive Intent units, but he will receive Stamina.

Warning. In a day you can sew a certain number of units of men's and women's clothing (the total level of not more than 7 units). Men's and women's clothing are counted separately.

Table. Daily Clothes for Clones

Type of clothingProduction cost per setWear bonuses (per day)Level
Clothes of an artisan Clothes of an artisanFlax 10 kg of flax + Золотой 0.5 goldIntention +1 unit of intent + Выносливость 0.2 stamina1
Clothes of a peasant Clothes of a peasantFlax 12 kg of flax + Золотой 0.5 goldIntention +1 unit of intent + Выносливость 0.25 stamina2
Clothes of a bourgeois Clothes of a bourgeoisFlax 15 kg of flax + Золотой 1 goldIntention +1 unit of intent + Выносливость 0.3 stamina3
Clothes of a merchant Clothes of a merchantFlax 25 kg of flax + Золотой 2 goldIntention +1 unit of intent + Выносливость 0.35 stamina4
Baron's Clothes Baron's ClothesFlax 50 kg of flax + Золотой 3 goldIntention +1 unit of intent + Выносливость 0.4 stamina5
The Count's Clothes The Count's ClothesFlax 70 kg of flax + Золотой 4 goldIntention +1 unit of intent + Выносливость 0.45 stamina6
Clothes of an emperor Clothes of an emperorFlax 100 kg of flax + Золотой 4 goldIntention +1 unit of intention + Выносливость 0.57

Attention! Only a clone whose current stamina is at least 0 can wear clothes. If a clone is wearing clothes and then for some reason stamina becomes less than 0, the clothes will be automatically removed from all clones of that account and placed in their inventory.

New, newly sewn linen clothing can be sold at the Fair to other residents. The sale of shabby clothing is not allowed. The durability of new clothes is 365 days.

Cloak of an exile Cloak of an exile

This type of clothing is required for the gratuitous and final transfer of clones to the care of the state. If a member can no longer support a clone by his own means, he must equip it accordingly and then transfer it to state dependency. The clone must be well fed (stamina rating must not be below 0) and wear the Cloak of the Exile. The transfer of a clone to the state is gratuitous and irrevocable.

In a day you can sew no more than 10 pieces of such clothing. The cost of producing clothing Cloak of the Exile: 10 kg of linen + 0.5 gold.

Ready-made clothes are sold at the Fair. Clothes are suitable for clones of all statuses, except tramps. The Cloak of the Exile cannot be worn at the same time as the clone's everyday clothing.

Types of protective leather clothing and their characteristics

Only one calfskin can be ordered for cutting per day, from which a certain number of things can be sewn. You can cut leather from your own tannery (see the corresponding chapter), or from leather you bought at the Fair.

Leather clothing, both new and already worn, can be sold to other clones at the Fair.

The protective properties of the different types of leather clothing, the cost of making it, and its initial strength are shown in the table below. Strength is written off when a clone is hit accurately.

Table. Protective Clothing for Clones

Type of clothingProduction cost per setProtective propertiesDurability
Leather vest Leather vestCalf leather 1/8 calfskin + Золотой 0.125 goldThe vest reduces the damage received in combat by 6-12% from a salt shot, by 1-5% from a blow with an edged weapon, and by 3-7% from live ammo and nukes3000
Leather jacket Leather jacketCalf leather 1/4 calfskin + Золотой 0.25 goldThe jacket reduces the damage received in combat by 15-25% from a salt shot, by 5-10% from a blow with an edged weapon, and by 7-13% from live ammo and nukes5000
Leather raincoat Leather raincoatCalf leather 1/2 calfskin + Золотой 0.5 goldThe cloak reduces the damage received in combat by 30-50% from a salt shot, by 10-20% from a blow with an edged weapon, and by 10-25% from live ammo and nukes.10 000
Samurai Leather Cloak Samurai Leather CloakCalf leather 1 calfskin + Железо 1 iron + Золотой 1 goldThe Samurai Cloak reduces combat damage from salt shots by 30-80%, from stabbing with edged weapons by 10-40%, and from live ammo and nukes by 10-50%.10 000
Leather cloak made of dragon scales Leather cloak made of dragon scalesCalf leather 1 calfskin + Чешуя дракона 100 dragon scales + Золотой 1.5 goldThe cloak of dragon scales decreases the damage received in combat by 80-100% from a salt shot, by 80-100% from a blow with an edged weapon, by 70-100% from live ammunition and nukes, and by 85-95% from dragon fire.15 000

Example of strength consumption calculation

For example, the clone is dressed in a samurai leather cloak, and his opponent attacks with a saber. Damage dealt by the saber can range from 22 to 45 health units. The cloak absorbs from 10% to 40% of the damage inflicted by cold weapons. Specific damage and defense values are calculated during combat separately for each hit. Let's assume that an opponent strikes with 40 health units and the cloak's protection value is calculated as 20%. Then 20% of the damage (8 health units) will be absorbed by the cloak, its durability will be reduced by 8 units. The clone will receive only 32 health damage.

If the cloak's remaining strength is less than the strength of the absorbed hit, the hit will be absorbed only by the amount of remaining strength, the remaining units will be counted as damage dealt to the clone. When the strength of 0 units is reached, the cloak will disappear, it will need to be replaced after the end of the battle.

Unloading vests Unloading vest

Unloading vests are made of linen and allow the clone to take additional health elixirs with him to a tournament battle or duel, which the clone can consume if necessary during the battle. In other battles the off-duty vest is not used, even if the clone is wearing it. The vest can hold up to five bottles of health elixir. If during a tournament battle or a duel a clone's health drops below 10, he may have time to take an elixir from his vest and drink it. The elixir will restore health by +50. Clone may not have time to drink the elixir, then he can use his existing combat skill "Last Chance", and if it does not - will lose the battle by the standard rules.

The probability of successfully using the elixir decreases with each subsequent bottle during combat:

  • 1st bottle: 80%
  • 2nd bottle: 70%
  • Bottle 3: 60%
  • Bottle 4: 50%
  • Bottle 5: 40%

Before the fight you need to load the right amount of bottles of health elixir into the vest in the special section of the Weaponry. Elixirs from the vest cannot be taken back into the inventory, they can only be spent in battle. But it is possible to remove the vest from a clone, even if there are elixirs left in it after the battle.

Strength is 100 battles and is reduced only if the clone was wearing the vest during a tournament battle or a duel (if the vest was triggered at least once during the battle). No more than 3 unloading vests can be produced per day. You can buy or sell unloading vests at the Fair (both empty and with elixir).