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Game servers

There are 2 game servers in the clone world.

Metropolia 2007 server


This world was founded on Friday, April 13, 2007 and in that time it has become home to more than half a million clones. There are many developed empires, majestic structures and fabulous reptiles - adult dragons. Over 15 years of development, thousands of players have gained useful business skills here and have become part of our huge community! The unique stability of the Clone World ecosystem has proven itself for more than 15 years, and we say with confidence this is just the beginning of development! And about this continuation and amazing "coincidences" read in the description of the server "Anclave 2020".

Server address: (opens in a new tab)

Anclave 2020 Server


The Anclave 2020 server is the advanced engine of the Clone World. These lands were discovered by the clones after the victory in the Six Years' War over the overseas aggressor, General Webman's troops. Note the unique coincidence that the server began its life on the birthday of the server "Metropolia-2007", namely April 13, 2020, exactly 13 years later!

Coincidence? Perhaps. However, we believe that this is another indicator of the huge potential of the project, which has proven itself for 15 years and is now preparing to enter the multi-million dollar crypto community. It's just beginning! Hurry up, so you won't regret wasting time.

There are still not so many resources, buildings and animals, so starting your development on the server "Anclave 2020", you can much faster become a leader in certain sectors of the ecosystem and write your name in the history of the clone world! Trade messages with the Metropolis 2007 server will receive more and more new interconnections. There is already a system of teleports, for the transfer of certain types of resources. Harmoniously developing accounts on two servers at once, you are taking the right step on the path of your own economic development.

Server address: (opens in a new tab)