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Account evaluation

Account evaluation

All your achievements in the development of an account are also your participation in the development of the whole project. Therefore, part of the income from the company's projects and the real Clone Land, the administration transfers to the Active Players Fund and pays as follows:

  • Seven equal parts are formed from the Fund (according to the 7 categories of accounting).
  • for each accounting category, the arithmetic mean of the scores in that category of all accounting records is calculated.
  • All accounts whose score in this category equals or exceeds the received value receive a payment from the fund of this category in proportion to the value of the score.

If on any given day on your account:

  • There are hungry clones (with negative stamina);

  • There are unrepaired settlements;

  • There are unrepaired principalities;

  • There are unrepaired wonders;

  • There are unrepaired properties;

  • Negative balance (less than 0) gold coins or cloncoins (may be when selling an account and recording % game fee under the promised redemption of the player);

  • Your account will not receive its intended payout from the Active Players Fund on that day.