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Blocking the account

Reasons for account blocking

Let's understand what can get a game account blocked in the virtual state "Clone World", with examples:

  1. The use of third-party software scripts to gain a gaming advantage (clicker programs, autoservers, etc.).
    A player had a large number of clones on his game account and used third-party software to carry out automated attacks on the homes of residents, mostly the lowest level of development. Thus, he carried out several thousand attacks every day, taking gold from the masses of players and, accumulating, taking it out of the game. Was caught in violation and blocked. After being blocked, the player disagreed with the measures taken, reasoning that he had not had time to steal much and that, in his opinion, this violation was not weighty. However, there is the use of third-party programs, so there are violations regardless of the amount of damage.
  2. Proven deception or attempted deception of players and administration.
    Example 1
    A player made up a story about a brother who was seriously wounded in the head. Collected money from players, borrowing money ostensibly for medical treatment. Talked about the various operations that regularly lacked funds. I took advantage of the fact that in the game for a long time, offered his game account as a pledge. Eventually, after an inquest operation (checking his brother's place of treatment and other details), he confessed to the fraud and was blocked.
    Example 2
    A player borrowed money from other players, and in order to borrow even more, he re-borrowed and repaid old debts and thus constantly built up the amount of total debt. After complaints and investigations he was blocked.
  3. Activities aimed at deliberately discrediting the project on third-party resources.
    For some reason, the goal is to harm the project, and to achieve this goal, the player writes comments and articles denigrating the dignity of the project.
  4. Selling or attempting to sell an account bypassing the existing regulations.
    The reason why it is forbidden by the rules
    On third-party Internet sites, the player posts information about the sale of his game account. Finds a buyer, often beginners or players who are not well versed in the game. The seller tells the new owner that there is nothing wrong with the account being registered to other personal information, and that he will give an additional discount for this inconvenience. The transaction is made, the password and login are transmitted, and then, a year later, the support service receives a request from the lucky seller that the account has been stolen, the mail is hacked, he provides copies of documents and asks to restore access to his account in accordance with the regulations.
  5. Spam, mass mailings in-game, third-party ads, and insults.

Attention! This list is not final and can be added at any time according to the provisions of the current User Agreement.