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Clone abandonment

Clone abandonment

If the player can no longer support a clone on his own, he must equip it accordingly and then hand it over to the state. The clone must be well fed (stamina rating must not be below 0) and wear the Cloak of the Exile. The transfer of a clone to the state is gratuitous and irrevocable.

The Cloak of the Exile is sewn at the Atelier in the settlements or principalities. Ready-made clothes are sold at the Fair. Clothes are suitable for clones of all statuses, except tramps. The Cloak of the Exile cannot be worn at the same time as the clone's everyday clothing.

Conditions for rejecting a clone:

  • Clone Artisan status or higher.
  • The clone's endurance score is at least 0.
  • A clone is not the primary or only clone in an account (having a tramp does not count).
  • The clone is dressed in the Cloak of the Exile.
  • A clone must not be employed in the fields and must not own a house in whose fields work is being done.
  • A clone may not train in the arena or be a member of any battle group, be in the basement, or be in a tournament.
  • The clone must be dismissed from the enterprises.
  • The clone's bag must be empty and all items worn must be removed;
  • Automatic actions with a clone (automatic experience exchange, use of elixirs, kvass, etc.) must be disabled.
  • All animals belonging to the clone, peacocks, and chicken farm must be sold; animals of the old version must be transformed into new ones and also sold; feeders in the pigsty and barn must be empty.
  • There should be no bets, trade orders or lots created by this clone on the trading floors.
  • A clone must not be on a cruise and must not own a ship that is on a cruise.
  • The clone should not be on the hunt.
  • A clone must not be selected by a mentor representative.
  • All houses, settlements, principalities, and wonders belonging to the clone must be repaired.
  • A clone should not work at a gold mine in a settlement;
  • If a clone is the owner of a settlement, there should be no working clones in the gold mines in that settlement.
  • Some of these requirements can be fulfilled automatically when a waiver is confirmed (e.g., moving things out of the inventory into the vault when available, dismissal from the gang).