Bandit trail
Lone Thief

Lone Thief

As long as you are young and inexperienced, the only possibility for you is a career as a lone thief. You can raid the homes of wealthy citizens.

You can become a lone thief by going to Business → Robber's Path → Trespassing → Trespassing on Homes.

Develop characteristics, and later you will open the way to the gang or the bandit army.


Check out Floods - we threw you the coordinates of some wealthy homeowners.

Every hour you can get new leads if the old ones are no longer valid. Use them to make raids. Be quick to commit a robbery, or someone else might be more nimble!

You can forcibly refresh the list of leads an infinite number of times using stamina coupons. The best leads are the ones with the biggest kush. But the security there is usually not weak.

The same house can be robbed several times a day, depending on its level of development.

Table. Thief's criminal authority and daily robbery limit

Number of units Криминальный авторитет criminal authorityNumber of robberies/day
up to 1501
150 to 5002
500 to 15003
1,500 to 2,5004
2500 and up5

Remember that you can't raid your own house (or a house belonging to another clone from your account).


To go to work, patch up your health. If you have less than 10 units, you'll be standing on the sidelines. Also check your stamina, because a hungry clone can't fight (if his stamina is below 0).

When you attack a house, have 50% of the piece you want to take. If you fail, home security will take those gold coins away from you. If you do well, you'll take the gold accumulated in the treasury of the house.

When you raid a house, you might run into guards. If you see a tip with a fat sum - remember, the owner is wealthy, most likely and good security, do not go if you're not sure!

If the guard has no "Military Initiative" trait at all, and you, on the other hand, have a well-developed "Thief's Luck" trait, then your chances of stealing a house without being noticed are very high. So don't forget to develop your characteristics, because robbing "without noise and dust" is the minimum risk for you! You can read more about combat characteristics in "Character" → "Characteristics" → "Combat characteristics". Read more

But if the house is guarded by guard dogs, you can't go quietly. Read more

Be careful with level 50 houses (castles) as well - they can be guarded by dragons. This is a sure failure. Read more


If suddenly neither you nor the guard have any weapons, and you couldn't sneak in unnoticed, you still manage to escape from the scene of the crime, everyone stays on their own.

If there is a fight, you will lose health with each attack of the guard (if hit accurately). Damage will depend on the performance of the weapon, the marksmanship of the opponent and protective clothing.

The fight is a series of rounds. In one round, all combatants make one attack at a time. The first to go is the one with the most "Military Initiative" trait.

You, like a guard, can fight as long as your health is greater than or equal to 10 units. If your health drops below 10 units before the guard, you lose.

In the presence of firearms, fire is fired from them first. You or a guard fire a firearm as long as one of you is competent, and as long as there is ammunition in the ammunition and the strength of the weapon is greater than 0.

If there are no firearms or ammunition is used up, you can use edged weapons (or, in its absence, fists), but only after the opponent also runs out of ammunition.

The most elementary robbery - if there are no guards, the score is immediately yours!


You can read more about basements on Infrastructure Construction → Real Estate → Basements. Read more

If you are unlucky and get caught, you will be imprisoned in the basement of the house (every house with level 3 and above has a basement). Sitting in the basement, you can't go on a case. Also, you can't take off your edged weapons or firearms.

You have to sit in the basement for two days (48 hours), although you can offer the owner of the house a ransom in gold coins, and maybe he'll let you go. The ransom is reserved when you put it up: first from your stash, and if there are not enough coins there, the missing is taken from the game account.

Warning. The minimum amount a thief can offer as a ransom is 0.0005 gold coins. Ransom can also be increased by a minimum of 0.0005 coins.

If the ransom offer was rejected by the homeowner, or if you reduced the ransom amount yourself, the return goes into your stash. You can try again, maybe he wasn't satisfied with the redemption amount...?

While you're sitting in the basement, you may be subjected to elaborate executions. Punishments will bring you considerable inconvenience in subsequent battles: you will acquire the not so pleasant combat skills "Flogging Wounds", "Dung Spirit", "Chickenshit". Each penalty is valid for 1 subsequent battle. If several of the same punishments are applied to you, the number of such fights increases proportionally. Also, each punishment removes 10 units of criminal authority from the thief.

The number of possible penalties for each thief (for the current stay in the basement) is calculated by the following formula:

N = K / 0.05,


K - the size of the house treasury at the time of the thief's capture.

For example, if the house treasury was equal to 1 gold coin, then you can get punishments: N = 1/0.05 = 20 times. If the house treasury is less than 0.05 gold coin, the owner will not be able to apply penalties to the apprehended thieves (although they will still sit in the basement for two days, or until they are released for ransom).

Any combination of punishments can be applied to a single thief, one punishment can be applied several times.

If you offered a ransom, but the landlord, instead of letting you go, applied punishment, then the offered ransom is returned in full to the bandit's stash.

The bratva, upon learning of the botched robbery, helps his comrade in every way possible, covering for him at government and other jobs, so the bandit who was caught doesn't get reprimanded at the businesses he works for.

If your time in the cellar has expired, you will be released in a few minutes.

From each piece of money you take, you must also send 10% to the Old Rat Foundation - those are the rules of the robbers. Another 10% of the kush you will always stash in your stash (the funds in it are used to pay ransom from the basement). The remaining 80% of the prize is yours (goes straight to your game account).