Bandit trail
Bandit army

Bandit army

When you reach the Criminal Authority value of 70,000 units and are at least a Philistine, you get a special favor. You can assemble your own bandit army to make organized forays into the camp of our common enemy, General Webman.

Create your own bandit army or join an existing one on the page "Business" → "Bandit Way" → "Bandit Troops"

Gathering the troops

Depending on your social status and level of authority, you can command units of varying numbers.

Table. Criminal authority and troop size

Criminal authority Criminal authorityStatusMaximum troop sizeMaximum number of ships
70 000Philistine Philistine1255 (other than linear)
80 000Philistine Philistine25010 (except linear )
90 000Philistine Philistine40030 (except linear )
100 000Merchant Merchant800100
150 000Baron Baron1500300
200 000Baron Baron2000500

Applications of candidates to join the army can be approved manually, selecting only the best, or you can set up automatic admission of all comers.

Rules for joining the army

If your criminal authority is below 500 units - pass by, you are not welcome in the bandit army. Learn the craft of thievery, then come back.

Hint: you can use jewelry to temporarily raise your authority level.

When you join a bandit army, you must obey your commander - you can't raid alone or join gangs.

At any time you can leave the ranks of the troops, but to go on a robbery or join another squad or gang can only after 24 hours after leaving.

You may be kicked out of the troop, you will be notified by in-game mail.

The leader decides when to attack the enemy. You don't have to be online at this point. Criminal news about the actions of your troops will also come in the form of alerts by in-game mail.

Weapons, health elixirs, live ammunition and cannonballs to attack you should have your own, there's room for enough trained bandits... If you use firearms, you won't need salt charges here, because things are getting pretty tough.

Clones in the service of the bandit army are assigned the following characteristics on a daily basis:

  • +2 initiative.
  • +10 criminal authority.
  • +5 knowledge of military affairs.

Enemy units

You can find a list of enemy units, with the cost per unit of health knocked out, in the special section. Attacks by a bandit army

Each bandit army can make no more than 1 attack per day.

Webman's army can strike at the bandit army on its own. In this case, the army is considered to have carried out 1 attack (no more attacks today). If an army has already attacked the enemy on its own during the day, a Webman attack is still possible.

When a clone participates in combat, it consumes 1 unit of stamina. If a clone lacks stamina (below 0), it does not take part in combat. Also, he will not participate if his health is below 10 units and does not automatically regenerate.

Also, a troop cannot attack an enemy unit if the troop commander has less than 10 health.

During combat operations as part of a troop, you receive increased characteristic charges:

  • Military Knowledge: +6 for an accurate hit, +2 for an inaccurate hit.
  • Military Initiative: +3 units for lost combat, +6 units for victory.
  • Additional bonus for Kvass: depending on the weapon used (read below in the relevant section).

The bandit army can be tricked by the Webman into attacking the enemy's moults. Before the army realizes the deception, it will fire one volley at the enemy dummies. The army will be considered as lost in this battle, so it cannot collect the spent ammunition from the battlefield according to the general rules. All those who accurately hit the target will be credited with knowledge of military affairs and military initiative according to the general rules.

The leader of the bandit army and his fighters can recognize the trick of the enemy with a 60% probability.

Splitting the loot

No matter whether your army won or lost the battle, all participants in the battle are paid a salary in gold coins, according to the amount of health of the enemy. The cost per health unit will be assigned and communicated to fighters before combat. The leader of the bandit army additionally receives 10% of the total booty of his squad of thugs.

Combat ammunition and projectiles that fighters use in combat contain iron and gold.

Additionally, the victorious side collects from the battlefield the ammunition it spent in battle in the form of gold and iron - separately, minus 25%. The winner also collects from the battlefield the ammunition spent by the losing side, also minus 25% (from both the iron and the gold component). Iron and gold are divided between fighters in proportion to the amount of health of the enemy.

Characteristics of the "Extra Bonus for Kvass"

Participating in battles as part of the bandit army, the clone earns the characteristic "Additional bonus for kvass" for each battle. This characteristic can be exchanged for Knowledge of Warfare using the "kvass" drink. Each bottle of kvass drunk by a clone in the Refectory automatically exchanges 33 units of "Extra Kvass Bonus" for 33 units of "Military Knowledge".

Table. Base Increase of the Bonus for Kvass

Weapon typeBonus accrual
Fists Fistsno bonus
Knuckles Knuckles+1
Awl Awl+2
Knife Knife+3
Bayonet Bayonet+4
Saber Saber+5
Pistol Pistol+6
Fusil Fusil+7
Musket Musket+8
Carbine Carbine+9
Pistols Pistols+10
Scimitar Scimitar+11
Katana Katana+13
Double-barrel rifle Double-barrel rifle+12
Three-barrel rifle Three-barrel rifle+14
Sniper rifle Sniper rifle+15
Hand machine gun AB 0614 Hand machine gun AB 0614+15
Small cannon Small cannon+16
Regiment cannon Regiment cannon+18
Unicorn (long cannon) Unicorn+20
Brig Brig+24
Corvette Corvette+27
Battle ship Battle ship+33

For each battle the clone will receive an "Extra Bonus for Kvass" of the following amount - (Base value) x3. That is, a clone armed with a battleship will get 33x3 = 99 units of "Extra Bonus for Kvass".