Pleasure boats

Pleasure boats

Pleasure boats

You can buy a ship or go on a trip on other players' ships on the page "Business" → "Pleasure Ships".

You can choose any ship on which your clone will cruise to distant shores. The ship can be selected by its rating, the size of the prize for the winners of the drawing, the cost of the ticket and other indicators. All these indicators can be seen in the recreational craft summary table.

In addition to traveling on other people's ships, you can build your own ship.

Travelling on ships

The ship will depart as soon as all the tickets are sold out.

You can see your ticket in the "Your Tickets" list at the bottom of the Travel & Leisure section.

If the ship doesn't depart on the cruise for a long time, you can always cancel your ticket. You will not be charged any fees.

On board, your clone can relax after work, watch a fabulously beautiful sunset, feel the gentle, fresh sea breeze, and possibly win a cash prize (if the raffle is held on the ship).

During each cruise, ship owners may hold drawings for cash prizes for holidaymakers on board. The size of the prize fund is determined by the owner of the ship. Prizes are drawn automatically upon completion of the cruise. There are three winners of the drawing, and the prize money is distributed as follows:

  • 1st place - 50% of the fund;
  • 2nd place - 30% of the fund;
  • 3rd place - 20% of the fund.

The distribution of prizes at the end of the cruise can be viewed in the "Winnings" section, and the ingredients brought from distant lands can be viewed in the "Your Voyage" section, as well as in the inventory book of the traveler's clone.

You can choose the direction of the cruise. The cruise to the exotic lands, round trip, takes 24 hours from the time the last ticket was sold.

Table. Gifts from cruises

Cruise destinationIngredientPotionFairy-tale character
Rocky Shore islandPhilosopher's stone Philosopher's stoneWisdom elixir Wisdom elixirMuttering Head Muttering Head
Wolverine's Layer cliffRoot of youth Root of youthElixir of life Elixir of lifeBaba Yaga Baba Yaga
Strange Gardens gorgeOlive branch Olive branchStrength elixir Strength elixirSqueaking driftwood Squeaky Snag
Fragrant Meadows islandExotic spice Exotic spiceHappiness elixir Happiness elixirGhoul Ghoul
Singing Rainbow fallsFlower of Life Flower of LifeEternity potion Eternity potionKoshchei Koshchei

Clones traveling to distant shores on your ship will bring with them flowers or roots (one or two, as luck would have it)

During the voyage to distant shores, the clones aboard the ship rest and do not work in public or private enterprises. Wages are not paid, work tools and stamina are not expended, reprimands are not given, but clones are not fired from the state enterprise. If the clone that went on the long-haul cruise works for a private enterprise, it does not produce during the cruise. At the same time there is a reduction in jobs, according to the rules of work in private enterprises. At the same time, some employees may be laid off. All other clone activities are unaffected by the journey.

Buy a pleasure craft

If you have a burgher or higher status clone, you can purchase a pleasure craft (or even multiple craft). Every recreational vessel has a lifetime - the number of trips it can make (strength parameter).

The inhabitants of Clone Earth, who wish to take a break from the daily grind, can choose your ship to cruise to distant shores for magical ingredients. You will make a profit on ticket sales. You will also be able to send your own clones on a cruise for the minimum possible ticket price of 0.1 gold coin.

The Clone Earth shipyard produces three types of ships of different capacities and strengths:

Table. Types of pleasure boats

Ship typeDurabilityCapacity
Pleasure boat20010
Pleasure boat20050
Cruise ship300100

Table. Conditions for purchasing a recreational boat

Costs / Vessel typePleasure boatPleasure boatCruise ship
Social statusPhilistine PhilistineMerchant MerchantMerchant Merchant
Golden Gold41220
Wood Wood40012002000
Grain Grain2006001000
Stone Stone40012002000
Iron Iron40120200
Prudence Prudence40120200

Note that units of prudence are expended when purchasing a ship.

Outfitting a ship on a cruise

You can choose from several sailing destinations to send your ship on a voyage to distant shores. To select a direction and change the cruise settings, press the "Change" button.

It is necessary to equip the ship with provisions for the voyage.

Table. Provisions for sailing

Ship typeProvisions (in units of Выносливость endurance)
Pleasure boat3300
Pleasure boat14890
Cruise ship29775

At the same time the owner of the ship can choose any ratio of food for loading. It is at the owner's discretion to load more food than required (no maximum limit), the clones will gratefully eat it during the journey. Keep in mind that clones do not replenish stamina by feeding aboard ship while traveling.

No provisions are returned at the end of the cruise.

When outfitting a vessel, the cost of the ticket must be assigned. You set the price of the tickets yourself, but it cannot be less than 0.1 gold coin.

You can also set the amount of money for the prize draw among passengers, which is held automatically after the completion of the cruise. This is not a mandatory feature.

The total prize fund cannot exceed 70% of the total ticket fee, and will be paid out of the ship owner's profits from ticket sales.

Ticket Sales

You decide who you want to sell tickets to - only your own clones or everyone else. First you need to start selling only to your clones. Once you've sent the right number of your clones on the cruise (or immediately if you don't want to send your clones), you can start selling tickets to everyone you want. In either case, the sale will be at the price you set in the process of outfitting the ship. You can't set different prices for your own clones and other people's clones. Swimming

Every time you send a ship on a cruise, you increase your ship's rating. The rating is equal to the amount of the fee for tickets sold. The rating influences the place in the general recreational boat list: the higher the rating, the higher the line the boat occupies in the list. If the rating is the same, the ship with the larger prize is higher.

The cruise to distant lands begins with the sale of the last ticket and lasts 24 hours.

During long-distance voyages, clones aboard a ship may not work for public or private enterprises. They are not paid wages, work tools and stamina are not expended, and they are not reprimanded. If the clone that went on the long-haul cruise works for a private enterprise, it does not produce during the cruise. At the same time there is a reduction in jobs, according to the rules of private enterprises.

Once your cruise is complete, your ship returns to the dock and is ready to go again. He needs to be re-equipped.

Cancellation of ticket sales

You can cancel the sale of tickets even if some of them have already been sold to vacationers (including your own clones). In this case, you will only have to refund the cost of the tickets sold. In addition, your ship will be blocked for departure for 24 hours until the next voyage is coordinated with the port authority.

In the event of a ticket stoppage, you will only be able to change the ticket price and/or prize amount. It is not possible to cancel the voyage completely (the ship will remain fully equipped to sail to the previously selected destination, with the products consumed intact).

You can't cancel a sale if all the tickets are sold.

Distribution of ticket fees

Gold, which comes from tickets sold, is accumulated and paid out at the end of the cruise:

  • 70% to the owner of the ship.
  • 1% goes to charity.
  • 1% - to the treasury of the Clone Earth.
  • 5% - to the Port's employee bonus fund.
  • 23% - to the fund for the development of the technical base of the project.