Payments to hunters

Prizes, bonuses, subsidies

Every hunter automatically participates in various contests and prize drawings and receives daily government subsidy payments. You can find out more below.

Lucky Clone Award

To enter the Lucky Clone prize draw, you must meet the conditions:

  • Have the social status of a Craftsman clone or higher.
  • Have a Clone Luck value of 10 or higher.

No special registration is required to participate. It is not necessary to be a hunter - it is enough to meet the specified conditions.

Drawing is carried out automatically every 30 minutes. The winner is determined at random among all participants. He receives a prize in gold coins, which has accumulated since the previous drawing.

The more clones you have, the more chances you have to win! Each clone can win a prize an unlimited number of times per day.

Every day (at the beginning of the day) the "Clone Luck" trait is reduced by 0.5 units. (but not below 0). To increase the characteristic it is necessary to eat "forest gifts" (in the clone's bag or in the storehouse). You can eat an unlimited amount of forest products at one time.

Warning: The "clone luck" characteristic only determines the possibility of your clone's participation in the drawing of this prize. It does not affect any other aspect of clone life. The absolute value of the characteristic does not matter - clones with 10 and 1,000 luck have equal chances to win.

Statistics on Lucky Clone wins and prize payouts can be found on the "Statistics" → "Lucky Clone" page.

The Great Hunter Prize

This prize is drawn continuously throughout the day among active hunters. During the hunt, each hunter, in addition to the forest gifts, has a chance to find a piece of a secret map. The winner is the one who first collects the entire card, consisting of seven fragments. The fragments are hidden from the view of the hunters.

Each type of hunting forest land has its own map. Also independently for each type of site the prize fund is formed and raffles are held. Thus, for example, fox hunters compete only with each other, collecting the map "oak tree".

As soon as one hunter has collected a map to his type of site, he is the winner and receives the entire prize pool accumulated to that point. At this point, the next Great Hunter prize drawing for this type of site begins. The prize fund begins to be formed anew.

Great Hunter win and prize payout statistics can be found on the Statistics → Great Hunter page.

A Sharp-Shooter Bonus

This bonus is paid daily by the state to all active hunters.

While hunting, each time you successfully hit a shot (for each forest gift you receive), your rifle will be added a +1 "skill unit". The more trophies you get with your rifle during the day, the more "skill units" you have accumulated and the higher the "Sharp Shooter" bonus you can get. The bonus is calculated in proportion to the number of "skill units".

The bonus is paid once a day at the calculated time (after 00:00 GMT) only to those hunters who have a gun with the number of "skill units" more than 0. After this bonus is paid, the "skill units" of the shotgun are reset.

Attention! The gun must be worn on the clone for the bonus to be paid. If you remove the shotgun, the "skill units" will remain on the shotgun until you put the shotgun back on and the calculation is made.

The "Sharp-Shooter" bonus payout funds are generated for each gun type independently. The state transfers to these funds on a daily basis:

State subsidy for hunters

This type of subsidy is paid by the state daily at the beginning of the day (after 00:00 GMT) to all clones wearing any hunting rifle. Don't forget: To wear a gun, the clone must have a proper hunting ticket.

Hunters do not have to be actively engaged in hunting to receive a government subsidy. The benefit is paid according to the "level" of the gun worn at the time of payment.

Table. Levels of shotguns

Type of gunLevel
Small caliber rifle Small caliber rifle1
Buckshot gun Shotgun2
Plain-barreled gun Smoothbore shotgun5
Plain-barreled gun (double-barrelled) 12 caliber 12-gauge shotgun (double-barrelled)8
Double-barrel combined shotgun Double-barrel combination shotgun10
Carbine caliber 7 Carbine caliber 720
Combined high grade rifle High-end combination shotgun30

Bonuses for hunting from the Prince

Each prince may (at his discretion) pay additional bonuses to hunters from his own profits. You can see the size of the bonus (as a percentage of profit) when selecting a site.

The prince's profit is calculated as the difference between 1/2 the value of the ammunition spent by the hunter for 1 hunting cycle and the value of the animal he hunted for the same hunting cycle:

W =NC/2 - MB,


  • N - the number of rounds spent by the hunter in the current hunting cycle;
  • C - the cost of 1 cartridge;
  • M - the number of animals driven (the number of forest gifts received) during the current hunting cycle;
  • B - the cost of 1 beast in the State Reserve when purchased by the prince.

The bonus is paid to the hunter at the end of each hunting cycle, with gold coins to his game account.

If the hunter's marksmanship is very high, the prince's net profit may be 0 or even negative. In this case, no bonuses are paid to the hunter.