How to become a hunter

How to become a hunter

You can buy the necessary attributes for hunting in the section "Hunting house". On the left side of the page you will see two columns - "Storage" and "Inventory". On the right side of the page, click on the name of the desired clone. These columns show the items that are in the storage or in the sum of the selected clone. The type of items is switched by the yellow arrows. To purchase a new item, click the desired icon ("Weapon," "Ammo," or "Ammunition").

In order to become a hunter, it is necessary to acquire:

  • Hunting license.
  • A weapon that you can go hunting with.
  • Shotgun loads.
  • Additional uniforms (optional).

Worn weapons and uniforms can also be purchased (or sold) at the Fair.

Hunting for each type of animal requires a different set of hunting equipment (tickets, rifles, and ammunition). The extra outfit is suitable for all kinds of beasts.

Hunting license

A hunting ticket is purchased for each specific clone and is valid for 240 days. A hunter may hold 1 ticket of each type.

Table. Cost of hunting tickets

Beast speciesTicket price Золотой (gold)
Marten Marten0.5
Fox Fox0.5
Wolf Wolf1
Boar Boar1
Deer Deer1.5
Elk Elk1.5
Bear Bear1.5

Warning: A hunting ticket cannot be sold or transferred to another clone.

To purchase a ticket at the Hunt Lodge, click on the ticket icon to the right of the desired clone's name. If the clone does not yet have a ticket, the "Deadline" column will show "Out of Stock". If you already have a ticket, its validity will be indicated. If you already have a ticket, when you buy a new one, it will be extended for +240 days.

Weapons for hunting

Different weapons are needed to hunt different animals.

A hunter may have several guns of each type, but may not wear more than 1 gun at a time. For this he must have the appropriate hunting license. Without a ticket of the appropriate type, you can't wear a gun.

Any type of hunting gun has a durability of 18,000 rounds. Strength is consumed by shots.

Each gun has an "Accuracy" parameter. The initial maximum accuracy of any shotgun is 20% of hits. As the shotgun's strength is expended, its accuracy increases. Every 100 rounds fired with this rifle gives a +0.04% increase in accuracy. In this case, the total increase in accuracy of the shotgun cannot be more than 5%. That is, given the original 20% accuracy, the maximum accuracy of the shotgun cannot exceed 25%.

Each shotgun also has an "Accumulated Bonus" characteristic. It represents the number of accurate shots (caught animals) in the last 24 hours. If you remove the gun from the clone, the accumulated bonus is saved.

When the shotgun has a strength of 0, the shotgun is considered to be completely worn out. You need to replace the gun to continue hunting.

It is worth remembering the following:

  • If you do not remove the rifle manually, then at the next calculation time (at the beginning of the new day) the "Sharp Shooter" subsidy will be paid for the rifle according to the number of "Accumulated Bonus" units. After that, the shotgun will disappear automatically.
  • If you manually remove a shotgun with a strength of 0, it will disappear immediately; the existing "Accumulated Bonus" will be lost.

Hunting weapons can be sold at the Fair to other hunters.


Each type of shotgun has its own type of ammunition. Ammunition is wasted when shots are fired.

Before each hunt cycle, ammo is reserved from the clone's inventory. Unspent cartridges during the hunt are returned to the hunter's inventory.

It is necessary to have at least 50 pieces of ammunition of the right type to start hunting.

In the Hunting Lodge, you can set up the automatic purchase of ammunition if there is not enough at the beginning of the next hunting cycle. In this case, ammunition will be purchased as long as the hunter hunts and there is enough money on the game account.

Additional outfits

To increase your marksmanship during the hunt you can purchase (at the Hunting Lodge or at the Fair) additional hunter's outfit on request:

  • Cartridge belt Cartridge belt.
  • Hunting boots Hunting boots.
  • Poncho Tent cloak.
  • Hunting bag Hunting bag.
  • Hunting knife Hunting knife.

The hunter can only wear one item of each type, that is a total of 5 items. Any type of hunter's equipment is rated for 21,000 rounds. The shotgun shots use up the strength.

Each of these items increases the hunter's probability of a successful hit (marksmanship) initially by 1%. As the item's durability is consumed, the marksmanship bonus it gives increases. Each 100 Strength points spent increases the additional marksmanship for that item by 0.01%. At the same time, the total percentage of each item cannot be more than 2%. Thus, all five items can increase marksmanship by no more than +10%.