Hunting World

Hunting World


Hunting is not only exciting, but also profitable.

When hunting, your clone can harvest different kinds of forest gifts:

  • Handful of nuts Handful of nuts.
  • Chanterelle Chanterelle.
  • Hop Hop.
  • Truffles Truffles.
  • Basket of mushrooms Basket of mushrooms.
  • Basket of berries Basket of berries.
  • Barrel of honey A barrel of honey.

The gifts of the forest are used for:

  • Preparation of various elixirs in the Alchemy Laboratory.
  • Purchases of certain types of securities at the Auction.
  • Increase "Clone Luck" trait (eat forest gifts in a bag or in a storehouse).
  • Sales at the Fair.

Hunting takes place on hunting grounds in the Principalities of Clone Land. Any prince can develop his hunting grounds. Read in detail in the help section "Authority" → "Principalities" → "General Information". You can manage your hunting grounds in the Hunting grounds tab of your principality.

Hunters receive daily payments from various government funds and participate in contests where they can earn gold coins. You can find out more about all of this on this page.

Read more about hunting in this section.

How to become a hunter

In order for your clone to start hunting, you need to purchase special attributes for hunting.

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Sites and animals

Different kinds of animals can be found in the princely grounds, depending on the type of site.

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The hunting process

Hunting is an almost automatic process. You only need to buy all the necessary paraphernalia for the hunt and send the clone to the area.

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Payments to hunters

In addition to the gifts the beasts leave behind, hunters continually receive various bonuses, prizes, and subsidies.

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