The hunting process

The hunting process

The hunting process runs automatically in cycles of 15 minutes each - a total of 4 cycles each hour. During 1 hunting cycle, the clone takes shots and receives forest gifts.

Each cycle has the following sequence of events:

  • Fifty rounds are reserved from the clone's inventory.
  • Software calculations are performed.
  • The clone's inventory includes forest gifts.
  • Unused ammo (if any) is returned to the clone's inventory.
  • If you are lucky, the clone receives a piece of card to participate in the Great Hunter contest.
  • If there are conditions for stopping the hunt, the clone automatically stops it. Otherwise, the hunt continues and a new cycle begins.

Conditions for automatic termination of the hunt:

  • The clone ran out of his hunting ticket.
  • The strength of the rifle was reduced to zero.
  • I ran out of ammo (and it wasn't automatically purchased).
  • The principality ran out of beasts.

You can end the hunting process on your own at any time.

In the Hunting Lodge, if necessary, you can enable the automatic purchase of ammunition in case of their absence before the next hunting cycle (check the appropriate checkbox above the list of hunters). In this case ammunition will be automatically purchased each time up to the number of 50 rounds. To display this setting, you must first select a clone from the list.

Warning. Do not enable this setting if you intend to spend only the ammo that the clone has available. With automatic purchase gold coins will be spent from the game account, up to 0.

In the Statistics tab, you can see your hunt results grouped by different clones and periods - today, yesterday, for the month, total.