Hunting acreage

Hunting acreage

Different species of animals are found in different types of hunting grounds. Different types of rifles will be needed to hunt them.

Types of animals and forest products

When hunting, hunters shoot ammunition that does not injure the animal, but is extremely calming. So after you catch the animal, it will beg for mercy and offer a ransom - some kind of forest gifts.

Table. Types of lands, beasts, rifles, and gifts

Acreage typeBeast speciesType of gunRansom (forest gifts)How much "luck" gives 1 forest gift
Spruce broadleaf forest Spruce broadleaf forestMarten MartenSmall caliber rifle Small caliber rifleHandful of nuts Handful of nuts0.1
Oak forest Oak forestFox FoxBuckshot gun ShotgunChanterelle Chanterelle0.2
Steppe forest Steppe forestWolf WolfPlain-barreled gun Smoothbore shotgunHop Hop0.5
Broad leaf forest, wooded swamp Broad leaf forest, wooded swampBoar BoarPlain-barreled gun (double-barrelled) 12 caliber 12-gauge shotgun (double-barrelled)Truffles Truffles0.8
Mixed light wood Mixed light woodDeer DeerDouble-barrel combined shotgun Double-barrel combination shotgunBasket of mushrooms Basket of mushrooms1
Pine forest Pine forestElk ElkCarbine caliber 7 Carbine caliber 7Basket of berries Basket of berries2
Spruce forest Spruce forestBear BearCombined high grade rifle High-end combination shotgunBarrel of honey A barrel of honey3

Your clone can eat a certain amount of forest gifts (there is a corresponding button in the bag or in the storehouse, just hover your cursor over the number of gifts). Each gift eaten will increase the Clone Luck characteristic by the specified value.

Choosing a site

Hunting and hunters are managed in the Hunting Lodge tab.

Before you start hunting, you need to do the following steps:

  • Purchase a hunting ticket for the right animal.
  • Put on the clone the gun needed to hunt the selected beast.
  • Have at least 50 rounds of ammunition for this type of gun.
  • Wear additional uniforms (optional).

You can put on weapons and ammunition on the Character page, in the Inventory or in the Vault, or directly on the Hunting Lodge page.

After that, you need to choose the principality in which you will hunt. To do this, click the green circular arrow to the right of the clone hunter's name. The desired site type will be selected automatically, depending on the type of shotgun worn. To select another principality, click on the "Leave Site" button.

Click the "Start Hunt" button to start the hunt.

To stop a hunt that has already begun, click the Stop Hunt button.