Fairy-tale characters

Fairy-tale characters

Fairy-tale characters

You can offer your help to fairy tale characters on the page "Business" → "Fairy Tale Characters".

On Clone Earth, five fairy tale characters - Muttering Head, Baba Yaga, Squeaky Root, Ghoul and Koschey - reside in distant corners.

Friendship with fairy tale characters

Many residents (from the social status of "artisan" and above) are friends with the fairy tale characters and bestow resources and characteristics on them. Fairy tale characters often scare and beat the overseas merchants-tolstoys. The gold won from overseas merchants is often hidden in the Land of Clones by the fairy tale characters, burying the coins in the damp earth. The guards of the houses and settlements alert daily about the treasures found.

"Make friends with a character" means to give him a certain amount of a certain kind of resource. To their friends fairy tale characters make special offers - various magical artifacts.

You can use the reserve of the resource you gave to the fairy character in bidding for his offer at the auction. When you win the right to an offer, the character will ask you for a favor, in return for which he will bestow a magical artifact. The artifact can be sold at the Fair or used to gain additional special knowledge (read below).

Suggestions of fairy tale characters

To get an offer from a fairy tale character, you must win it at the Fairy Tale Auction. Winning offers are displayed on a special page.

Table. Fairy tale characters and elixirs

Fairy-tale characterRequired potion
Muttering Head Muttering HeadWisdom elixir Wisdom elixir
Baba Yaga Baba YagaElixir of life Elixir of life
Squeaking driftwood Squeaking driftwoodStrength elixir Strength elixir
Ghoul GhoulHappiness elixir Happiness elixir
Koshchei KoshcheiEternity potion Eternity potion

A fabulous character will be waiting for you for 48 hours. If you do not have time to get the elixir and give it to the character, the offer is lost.

Magic artifacts

An artifact is a magical item that allows you to temporarily (or in some cases permanently) increase a clone's special knowledge of a certain kind.

A greater value of special knowledge will allow your clone to increase the amount of bonuses received in state enterprises and to qualify for higher positions.

You can get a new magical artifact in exchange for a special elixir if you win the right to receive an offer from a fairy tale character.

You can also buy (or sell) an artifact at the Fair from other players (both new and partially used).

General rules for wearing artifacts

Artifacts can be used by clones of the social status "artisan" or higher.

For almost every type of special knowledge, there are 4 artifacts designed for their respective wearing areas (Headpiece, Brooch, Cloak, Item).

A clone can wear 4 artifacts at a time, of any type, one for each wearing area. You cannot wear two artifacts belonging to the same wearing area.

Table. Artifacts that increase special knowledge

SkillHeadgearBroochThe capeItem
Forestry skillMagic forester's hut Magic forester's hutMagic Forest Brooch Magic Forest BroochMagic forester's cloak Magic forester's cloakMagic woodsman's axe Magic woodsman's axe
Agraricultural skillsMagic field cap Magic field capMagic field brooch Magic field broochMagic field mortar Magic field mortarMagic field boots Magic field boots
Mining skillMagic mining hut Magic mining hutMagic mining brooch Magic mining broochMagic mining cloak Magic mining cloakMagic mining drill Magic mining drill
Ore mining skillMagic mining hut Magic mining hutMagic mining brooch Magic mining broochMagic mining rod Magic mining rodMagic mining hammer Magic mining hammer
LogisticsMagical coachman's hut Magical coachman's hutMagical coachman's brooch Magical coachman's broochMagic coachman's overcoat Magic coachman's overcoatThe magical reins of the charioteer The magical reins of the charioteer
CuttingMagic gem-cutter's ring Magic gem-cutter's ringMagic gem-cutter's brooch Magic gem-cutter's broochMagic cutter's cloak Magic cutter's cloakMagic gem-cutter's magnifying glass Magic gem-cutter's magnifying glass
Jeweler's skillMagic jeweler's ring Magic jeweler's ringMagic jeweler's brooch Magic jeweler's broochMagic jeweler's cloak Magic jeweler's cloakMagic jeweler's engraver Magic jeweler's engraver
Medical skillMagic medical wreath Magic medical wreathMagic medical brooch Magic medical broochMagic medical mantle Magic medical mantleMagic medical retort Magic medical retort
Steel rolling skillMagic blacksmith's hut Magic blacksmith's hutMagic blacksmith's brooch Magic blacksmith's broochMagic blacksmith's cloak Magic blacksmith's cloakMagic blacksmith's hummer Magic blacksmith's hummer
Seaman skillMagic seaman's hut Magic seaman's hutMagic seaman's brooch Magic seaman's broochMagic seaman's cloak Magic seaman's cloakMagic seaman's fife Magic seaman's fife
Military skillsMagic warrior's hut Magic warrior's hutMagic warrior's brooch Magic warrior's broochMagic warrior's cloak Magic warrior's cloakMagic warrior's rod Magic warrior's rod
Trade skillMagic merchant's hut Magic merchant's hutMagic merchant's brooch Magic merchant's broochMagic merchant's cloak Magic merchant's cloakMagic merchant's scales Magic merchant's scales
Alchemy skillMagic alchemist's hut Magic alchemist's hutMagic alchemist's brooch Magic alchemist's broochMagic alchemist's cloak Magic alchemist's cloakMagic alchemist's pen Magic alchemist's pen

For the artifact to work, it must be put on the clone. To put on an artifact, you must work for a government enterprise that requires this type of knowledge.

The initial strength of the new artifact is 31 days, the artifact is valid for 30 days and its strength is reduced only if it is put on the clone. The duration of the removed artifact is not reduced.

If you wear an artifact, every 24 hours from then on the artifact will temporarily add special knowledge of a certain type to that already held by the clone (according to a special rule described in the section below).

If a clone continues to work for the corresponding enterprise while wearing artifacts, then each time an artifact is triggered, he can gain another 100-500 additional knowledge (the amount is determined randomly), which will forever remain with the clone.

Table. Probability of gaining additional knowledge

Number of worn artifacts for one type of knowledgeProbability for each artifact, %

Once an artifact is put on, it cannot be removed for 25 hours.

After removing an artifact of any strength, all additional temporal knowledge gained from it is immediately subtracted from the clone and stored on the artifact. Knowledge added permanently remains with the clone. If you wear this artifact again, the knowledge accumulated on it will immediately be added to the clone's existing knowledge, and then will grow by the rule of artifacts as usual.

Once an artifact's strength becomes 0, it disappears and the special knowledge it added is subtracted (except for those added permanently). Please keep this feature in mind if you use artifacts to promote a clone. Many businesses and positions have the principle of displacing an employee if his knowledge is less than that of the applicants.

Attention! It is forbidden to manipulate with artifacts for the purpose of obtaining bonuses on state enterprises without writing off the strength of the artifact at the scheduled time. Principle of knowledge accrual from an artifact

Wearing magic artifacts every day temporarily increase the level of special knowledge. The added bonus increases arithmetically every day, from +40 on the first day to +1200 on the last day of wear.

Table. Knowledge accrual

Wear DayBonus for the dayTotal increase for the day
First Day40+40
Day Two80+ 40 + 80 = +120
Day Three120+ 40 + 80 + 120 = +240
Thirtieth day1200+ 40 + 80 + 120 + …+ 1200 = +18600

The formula to calculate the total bonus for a particular day:

Bonus = ( 40 - (1 + X) / 2 ) - Х,

Where X is the ordinal number of the day.

Knowledge temporarily added by an artifact does not count where a certain knowledge limit is required or knowledge is expended, such as when promoting a military rank.