Treasure hunters

Treasure hunters

Treasure hunters

You can start your way in this game module on the page "Business" → "Treasure Hunters".

General Webman pays his mercenary armies in gold coins. To do this, he ferries a large caravan of gold, which is attacked by clones. Some of the gold is lost on the battlefield, some is hidden by Webman in hiding places. Clone reconnaissance transmits information about the approximate locations of geocaches. A list of available geocaches is available on the Geocaches page.

In addition to hidden gold, members of the treasure hunter squads can find the remains of great dragons - scales, claws and fangs. These remains can be used to create powerful artifacts.

Rules for creating a squad and finding geocaches

You can create your own treasure hunter squad from your own clones (clones of your account that are wearing some kind of weapon). To enter a squad, a clone must resign from a squad, guard, gang, or bandit troop.

Squad size is limited to 10 clones. The number of units on the account is not limited. The unit at any time can be updated with new soldiers, and at any time you can replace their weapons and ammunition. To dismiss a clone from a group or completely disband it is possible not earlier than 24 hours since the last battle of the group.

Each unit has the ability to find up to three geocaches in a day (to make three moves). The leader of the squad must have an endurance rating of at least 0 and a health rating of at least 10 to attempt another move. Between each turn the squad must rest for 5 minutes.

Once the squad has discovered the cache, it begins to guard it. But a guarded stash can be spotted by other clone units and be attacked by them. The guard squad must repel this attack to hold the cache. Otherwise the stash passes to the attacking side. A squad cannot attack a stash guarded by a squad from the same account.

By guarding the cache in this way, one squad of treasure hunters must hold on to the treasure they have found for 24 hours. The time countdown starts after the stash is taken by the squad. After 24 hours, the found and retained treasure is automatically delivered to the bank and credited to the game account (kalita).

Fighting between squads

Battles between cache-seeker squads follow the general rules of clone-fighting.

The following types of weapons are used:

  • Cold weapons.
  • Firearms.
  • Artillery.
  • Battle Fleet.

The clone must have live ammunition (for cannon and ship firing, live kernels) to shoot firearms. The production of live ammunition and nukes is available in the Weaponry section, while the sale/purchase is available in the Trade Guild.

All weapons in combat wear out:

  • Each stab with a cold weapon reduces its toughness by 1 unit.
  • Each shot of live ammunition from a firearm reduces its strength by 10 units.
  • Each shot of a projectile from a cannon or a ship reduces its strength by 10 units.

A clone's existing combat skills and military ranks will NOT apply during combat with another squad.

Table. Bonuses from protective clothing

Type of weapon / protective clothingFists and edged weapons, %Firearms, live ammunition and cannonballs, %
Leather vest Leather vest1-53-7
Leather jacket Leather jacket5-107-13
Leather raincoat Leather raincoat10-2010-25
Samurai Leather Cloak Samurai Leather Cloak30-8010-50
Leather cloak made of dragon scales Leather cloak made of dragon scales80-10070-100

Protective leather clothing can be purchased at the Fair or you can make it yourself.

Battle progress

Clones in a treasure hunter group cannot fight hungry. When a clone engages in combat, it consumes 10 stamina points per battle (both on the attacking and defensive sides). If a clone's stamina is below 0, it does not take part in combat. Also, he does not take part in the battle if his health is below 10 units and is not automatically regenerated before the battle. The attacking clones always have their stamina used up, and the defending clones only if the clone made at least one move during the battle. Stamina will be used up on the next day after the battle at the calculated time.

If a clone belonging to a Treasure Seeker group participates in a Tournament and is attacked at the moment of the Tournament battle, then that clone does not participate in defending the cache because he is busy at the Tournament.

If a clone in the defending squad has rewards, which in the course of the battle allow to get some bonus to the characteristics, then such bonus is not taken into account. Reward bonuses for clones in the attacking squad are taken into account in full.

A group of treasure hunters ("group A") that is attacked by "group B" and loses its stash may counterattack "group B" within 10 minutes (if there are free turns, each group has 3 turns/day available).

Combat Trophies and Characteristics

Combat ammunition and projectiles that fighters use in combat contain iron and gold.

The victorious treasure hunter group collects up to 75% of the ammunition (in gold and iron, separately) from the battlefield after the battle ends.

Gold adds to the size of the treasure the group holds. The iron is immediately distributed among the members of the winning group according to the following rules:

  • Soldiers who have expended ammunition get back 75% of the iron they contain.
  • Fighters who knock out at least 1 unit of enemy health receive a share of 75% of the iron from the ammunition expended by the defeated side; each fighter's share is proportional to the number of units of enemy health he knocked out.

The amount of iron in the distribution is rounded to two decimal places, so there may be some losses in the distribution of iron.

During combat operations (only as part of an attacking group of cache thieves) the clone earns characteristics:

  • Military Knowledge: +6 for an accurate hit, +2 for an inaccurate hit.
  • Military Initiative: +3 units for lost combat, +6 units for victory.
  • Additional bonus for Kvass: depending on the weapon used (read below in the relevant section).

Characteristics of the "Extra Bonus for Kvass"

By participating in battles as part of a treasure hunter squad, a clone earns the "Extra bonus for Kvass" characteristic for each battle he fights. This characteristic can be exchanged for Knowledge of Warfare using the "kvass" drink. Each bottle of kvass drunk by a clone in the Refectory automatically exchanges 33 units of "Extra Kvass Bonus" for 33 units of "Military Knowledge".

Table. Basic accrual of additional bonus for kvass

Weapon typeBonus accrual
Fists Fistsno bonus
Knuckles Knuckles+1
Awl Awl+2
Knife Knife+3
Bayonet Bayonet+4
Saber Saber+5
Pistol Pistol+6
Fusil Fusil+7
Musket Musket+8
Carbine Carbine+9
Pistols Pistols+10
Scimitar Scimitar+11
Katana Katana+13
Double-barrel rifle Double-barrel rifle+12
Three-barrel rifle Three-barrel rifle+14
Sniper rifle Sniper rifle+15
Hand machine gun AB 0614 Hand machine gun AB 0614+15
Small cannon Small cannon+16
Regiment cannon Regiment cannon+18
Unicorn (long cannon) Unicorn+20
Brig Brig+24
Corvette Corvette+27
Battle ship Battle ship+33

For each battle the clone will receive an "Extra Bonus for Kvass" of the following amount - Bonus = (Base value) x3. That is, a clone armed with a battleship will get 33x3 = 99 units of "Extra Bonus for Kvass".