Stock farming
Pig breeding
Pig breeding

Pig breeding


Pigs (sows and boars) are useful livestock that will help you provide your account with pork, bacon, fertilizer and State Farm coupons. You can develop the sports characteristics of their boars, to participate in competitions and receive prizes in the form of gold coins!

Here we tell you how to get pigs, care for them, and breed them, as well as how to profit from produce and sports training.

How to get started?

You can start very simply: buy a sow or boar (or both) for your clone. Feed them, get produce and offspring. In time you will become an experienced livestock breeder!

Ownership of pigs

A clone of the social status of peasant and above can purchase pigs. Social status affects the number of pigs available for housing. Read more

Pig products

By raising boars and sows, you can get different products and dispose of them at your discretion. Read more

Buying animals

You can buy boars or sows at a state farm nursery or at an animal fair. Read more

Feeding pigs

Every day your pigs consume food, the amount of which depends on their age. Read more

Pig mating

Pig mating

If you want to increase the number of pigs in your account, you can use the mating feature, thanks to which you can get piglets. Read more

Building a pigsty

A pigsty greatly simplifies mass operations with your pigs and gives you some bonuses when housing and breeding them. Read more

Boar Athletes

In the clone world, boars can become athletes, train constantly, participate in tournaments, and bring their owners extra profit. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions. Read more