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Peacock breeding
Buying peacocks

Buying peacocks

Any clone of the Craftsman or higher social status can acquire an unlimited number of peacocks.

When calculating the valuation of a clone's property and the valuation of a player's account, the value of the valuation of all peacock buildings, as well as the peacocks themselves, is taken into account at their nominal (state) acquisition cost.

There are a total of 6 peacock breeds in the game - Ordinary, Red, Royal, St. Andrew, Alexander, and Nicholas.

Peacocks of the Andreev, Alexander and Nikolaev breeds cannot be purchased.

Purchase of Common, Red and Royal Peacocks

Peacocks of the Common, Red and Royal breeds live 330-360 days. The life span of each peacock is determined at the time of its purchase from the State Farm Nursery.

You can get Common, Red, and Royal Peacocks in the following ways:

  • Buy from State Farm Nursery. Read more
  • Buy at the State Farm Peacock Fair from other players (secondary market). Read more

Table. Cost of Peacocks in the Nursery and Probability of Laying a Precious Egg

Peacock BreedCost (gold)GoldenProbability of laying a precious egg
The Ordinary Peacock Ordinary1Low
The Red Peacock Red3Medium
The Royal Peacock Royal7High