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Peacock products

Before we proceed to describe the kinds of products that peacocks produce, it should be noted that any peacock will be flocked at random. They do not have a clear timetable for when and how many eggs to bring. The appearance of both precious and simple eggs is a random event. The probability of laying a precious egg, listed as "low," "medium," or "high," characterizes the egg-laying performance of a given peacock breed relative to other breeds.

Peacocks eat once a day, when they want to. Within a day, all laid eggs are accumulated in the roosts. At the beginning of the next day, the accumulated production enters the peacock-owning clone's inventory at one time.

Precious Eggs

Your peacocks' most coveted products are the precious eggs. They come in two kinds: gold and silver. This is a highly sought-after resource on Clone Earth, and we will now look at the options for its use.

Options for using precious eggs

Gold and silver eggs can be used in the following ways:

  • Purchase mines (sapphire, amethyst, ruby, emerald, diamond) at the Auction of mines.
  • Build a Principality for a tertiary resource (gold eggs only).
  • Develop and build some enterprises and structures in the Principality (in particular, megalithic buildings, amber dragon caves and others).
  • Acquire hunting grounds in your Principality (types of grounds: Pine forest and Spruce forest).
  • Purchase Tower of Magicians securities at a securities auction.
  • Make a Hospitality Elixir at the Center for Innovation.
  • Sell on the Commodity Exchange in the Trade Guild.

If precious eggs are used as a means of payment (purchase of hunting grounds, mines, securities), the nominal value of each gold egg is taken as 2.5 gold coins, and the silver egg as 1.25 gold coins.

Simple Eggs

Periodically, your peacocks will also lay regular eggs. In general, Ordinary, Red and Royal peacocks lay simple eggs more often than peacocks of the Andreevskaya, Aleksandrovskaya and Nikolayevskaya breeds. But it may not happen every day...

Regular eggs can be used in the following ways:

  • Serve in the Refectory as food for your clones (source of stamina).
  • Load it onto a pleasure craft to equip it for a voyage to distant shores.
  • Use as an ingredient for making some elixirs in the Innovation Center.
  • Sell on the Commodity Exchange in the Trade Guild.