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Elixirs for peacocks

Elixirs for peacocks

In the Alchemy Lab you can create a variety of elixirs for peacocks. Read more

With elixirs you can turn a peacock of one breed into another breed. This can increase your chances of getting a precious egg, and it will also make the process of herding them more efficient. Elixirs can only be applied to common and red peacocks.

When applying the elixir, if you have several peacocks of the same breed, it will work on the peacock with the least amount of life remaining.

When these potions are applied, peacocks can rejuvenate right up to the newborn state. Every peacock and potion is unique, so even the Supreme Alchemist cannot tell exactly how much each particular individual will rejuvenate.

What are elixirs for?

The table below will tell you more about the effect of elixirs on the peacock of the respective breed.

Table. Elixirs for Ribs and Their Effects

Name of the elixirThe breed to which the elixir appliesThe result of applying the elixir
Ordinary Peacock potion Ordinary Peacock PotionOrdinaryThis elixir is guaranteed to turn your ordinary peacock into a red one. The action of the elixir is irreversible.
Red Peacock potion Red Peacock PotionRedThis elixir can turn your red peacock into either a royal or an ordinary peacock. The magic potion itself determines the fate of the peacock. The action of the elixir is irreversible.
Royal Peacock potion Royal Peacock PotionRedThis elixir is guaranteed to turn your red peacock into a king. The action of the elixir is irreversible.

In order to apply the elixir to a peacock, the following conditions must be met:

  • The peacock should not graze in the field.
  • The peacock should not be offered for sale at the Fair.