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Questions about peacocks

Question: If a peacock is left hungry on any given day, can it lay any eggs on that day?

Answer: No, the peacock must be fed in order to produce.

Question: I mistakenly put bread in the feeder of the wrong clone. Can I take the bread from the feeder back into the inventory?

Answer: Yes, it can be done. Enter the amount of bread in the feeder as 0 and save.

Question: Does a peacock produce if it is for sale at the Fair?

Answer: Yes, the peacocks at the Fair feed and produce as usual. But grazing in the fields at this time will not be available to them.

Question: If I already have roosts, will the cost of building a bird house be reduced by the cost of the roosts?

Answer: No, they are different constructions, the value of one is not reduced by the presence of the other. When building a poultry yard, the roosts already built will be part of it, but the cost of construction will not change.

Question: Does my clone need a house to build a roost or bird yard?

Answer: No, you don't. It is possible to keep peacocks without having real estate.

Question: Why hasn't my peacock been laying precious eggs for days (weeks…)?

Answer: Predicting when he will lay an egg is impossible. Their production occurs randomly. After a while, your peacock is sure to please you with a precious egg!

Question: Do peacocks produce manure?

Answer: They don't have this type of product, but they are great at fertilizing fields naturally when they are grazing.

Question: How long do peacock elixirs last after application?

Answer: The action is indefinite, the peacock changes its breed forever.