Stock farming
Fertilizer production

Fertilizer production

Fertilizer production

Under "Business" → "Livestock" → "Manure and Fertilizer" you can process manure into fertilizer.

Its use significantly increases the yield of agricultural fields. Read more

There are four kinds of manure and four kinds of fertilizer accordingly.

Table Processing of manure into fertilizer

Source material, kgFertilizer, kg
Dragon manure Dragon Dung 10Dragon manure Dragon Breeze 1
Cow manure Cow manure 7Cow manure Cow Breeze 1
Pig manure Pig manure 4Pig manure Pork Breeze 1
Chicken manure Chicken manure 7Hen manure Chicken Breeze 1

Processing manure to produce 1 kg of any fertilizer will cost you 0.002 gold coins.

The presence of a barn reduces the cost of processing cattle manure into Cattle Breeze fertilizer.

Having a pigsty reduces the cost of processing pig manure into Pork Breeze fertilizer.

Fertilizer can be used on your farm plots or sold to other Golden Clone residents at the Fair and make a profit.