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Dragon rider

A clone can learn a new skill - "Dragon Rider". Prerequisites for training: the social status of the clone is at least a Philistine. The cost of training is 30 gold coins and 5000 experience and is spent on training. At the moment of training the clone's Intent score must be at least 3000. Read more

After receiving the education "Dragon Rider" and having a high enough Intent score of at least 3000 units, then your clone can participate in hostilities as part of the prince's squadron, flying on a dragon. To fly, you must have a dragon on your game account at the age of more than 100 days, if it is a female, she must not be carrying a cub.

If the dragon participates in combat battles, it spews flame, for this "shot" consumes 50 liters of drank oil. The dragon takes one "shot" per turn. The amount of oil the dragon consumed while feeding divided by 50 liters = how many "shots" it can make. An adult dragon can have an oil consumption of 800 liters per day. Thus, 800/50 = 16 shots - the maximum "ammunition" of the dragon. Read more

In one "shot" dragon can deal damage from 20 to 100 health points.

To date, no weapon has been invented on Clone Earth capable of piercing the mighty skin of a dragon with a single shot. For this reason, dragons today are invulnerable. Its rider is also invulnerable. Flying a dragon requires maximum concentration of the rider, for this reason he can not carry any firearms.

Dragons attack ground targets first. The accuracy of a dragon's pointing and firing depends on the military skills of its rider. If a rider has low military knowledge and initiative, his dragon's attack efficiency results can be frustrating. Don't forget - this is a real battle, and you may be up against a professionally trained military! In the case of a highly trained dragon rider, the performance of your swift attacks can drive the enemy insane!

When all targets are destroyed but the enemy has dragons left on the battlefield, in the case of unspent ammo, an attack on the enemy's dragons begins.

A very important characteristic of the dragon in combat is "Fury. The dragon will be able to attack the opponent's dragon first, provided his rage score is higher. Otherwise your own dragon will be the first to be attacked by your opponent.

When attacking, the "Strength" characteristic is important. The first dragon to make a move in combat with another dragon has a bonus to its own strength of +500 units. The result of the dragon's strength is calculated by the formula: F = (dragon's weight) + (dragon's Strength*10)

The losing dragon flies away from the battlefield. The winning side receives +200 health points.

If an air battle between opposing dragons has begun, then for each defeated dragon the victorious side will receive +200 health points. This amount of health points will be divided among all dragons of the winning side according to their weight. The weight in this case is the resultant strength of each of the dragons of the air combat victory squad.

If the dragon's ammo is completely used up, it flies away from the battlefield.

For each combat flight on a dragon its rider receives knowledge of military affairs, initiative and a bonus to military knowledge:

  • Military knowledge: for an accurate hit +6 units, for an inaccurate hit +2 units.
  • Initiative: for participation in the battle +3 units, for victory +6 units.
  • Bonus to military knowledge: base +33 units; for participation in combat +99 units.