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Death of a Dragon

Death of a Dragon

When they reach the age of 1001 days and pass this threshold, dragons fly away to die wherever death calls them. But despite this, the remains of great golden dragons - claws, scales and even fangs - often remain in the caves. These remains are very valuable and can be used in the manufacture of various magical artifacts in the Alchemy Laboratory (in development).

The number of remains depends on the weight of the dead dragon. If it was a gaunt dragon weighing less than three tons that had been frequently starved to death by its owner, there would be nothing left of it at all. Most valuable remains remain after the death of dragons weighing 5 tons or more.

When a dragon dies, it can leave behind these types of resources:

  • Dragon Scales. Used for sewing special leather cloaks in the ateliers of the principalities and settlements. The nominal value of one flake is 0.05 gold. Read more
  • Dragon claws and fangs. The alchemists of the clone world are currently working to study these valuable artifacts. So far, only one thing is known: these are very rare artifacts and very powerful. Perhaps in the future they can be used to produce some kind of weapon or amulet.

Many adventurers, members of the Geocache Finder game unit, search for the places where dragons die in order to take possession of valuable remains. Read more

Dragon scales are available for sale and purchase at the fair in the "Rawhide" subsection. Read more