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Frequent questions about the chicken farm

Question: How many chicken farms can one clone have at one time?

Answer: Only one. It may not seem like much, but you can create an unlimited number of clones, each of which can have its own chicken farm.

Q: After building a chicken farm, my clone began to consume an additional 1 stamina unit per day. Why?

Answer: After your clone built a chicken farm, he started working on it. Accordingly, he will expend 1 endurance unit per day on this work.

Question: Where does stamina come from to build and improve a chicken farm?

Answer: The clone's stamina will be used up. If the stamina is insufficient, the missing stamina will be used up from the Refectory.

Question: What happens if I forget to repair the chicken farm?

Answer: In this case there is no production on the farm, the clone does not spend stamina units, but the hens continue to consume feed from the feeder if it is in it.

Question: If for natural reasons my flock of chickens decreases to, say, 13, can I buy up to 20 chickens?

Answer: Of course you can! Even if you haven't kept track of your flock for a long time and you don't have any chickens left on the farm at all, you can always buy the right number, but no more than 20 chickens. If you want to have more than 20 chickens - you will need to breed them on your own farm.

Question: I mistakenly put in an excessive amount of feed. Can I take the feed from the feeder back into the inventory?

Answer: Yes, it can be done. Adjust the amount of the correct type of feed in the feeder and save.

Q: I switched the farm to "Reproduction Mode" and started to increase the number of chickens. How long will it take for a chicken to turn into a full-grown chicken?

Answer: The chick hatches as a full-fledged hen and immediately begins to produce on par with the rest of the chickens on the farm.

Question: Does the Biotechnology Department have a limit on the amount of fertilizer produced from chicken manure per day?

Answer: No, there are no such restrictions. You can produce as much Chicken Breeze fertilizer as you want in one go or in one 24-hour period.

Question: When a chicken farm is sold at the Bird's Market, is it sold with the house it is attached to?

Answer: No. The chicken farm is for sale without real estate. The house remains the property of the clone. The buyer must have his own house to which he will attach the farm.

Question: Does the capacity score of a chicken farm affect my ability to participate in the Happy Farmer tournament?

Answer: No, it doesn't. However, the more chickens on your farm, the better your chances of winning!