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About Superfood


Superfeed is an innovative development of the State Farm Biotechnology Division. This amazing substance can significantly affect the weight gain of your bulls and milk yields of your cows, and therefore your profits. You can add Superfeed to your cattle's regular feed ration. We will refer to this diet as the Strengthened Feeding Ration. Superfood is not a substitute for regular food, it only supplements it.

As you may have already guessed, there are two types of Superfood: for bulls, it increases their weight gain and for cows, it increases milk yields.

Attention! Superfood for cows only increases milk yield, but does not affect the weight or other parameters of the cows. Superfeed for bulls only improves the rate of weight gain of bulls, but has no effect on other parameters of bulls.

Any animal between 61 and 420 days of age can be switched to an increased feed ration. The animal is selected in the barnyard or barn (if there is one), using the "Increased Feeding" control.

Warning. When an animal is put into a heavy feeding mode, its readiness to mate decreases to zero and will not increase until the animal is taken out of this mode. Switching to a heavy feeding regime has no effect on the litter production of the animal.

Getting Superfood

Superfeed can be purchased at the fair from other players, or you can produce it yourself at the State Farm. Read more

Bonuses for consuming superfoods

Consumption of superfeed has a positive effect on various aspects of cattle performance. Read more