Stock farming
Sales and rentals

Sales and rentals

You can sell your bulls and cows to other players through the state farm. There you can also rent out your breeding bulls.

Sale of cows and bulls at the Fair

Any bull or cow is itself a commodity. The state farm has set up a cattle fair, where you can sell another player your animal for gold coins. Animals of any sex, age and weight can be sold. You set the selling price yourself, based on the characteristics of the animal and the market situation. If you have become a pro at keeping livestock and increasing their numbers - livestock trade can bring good profits.

Leasing of bull breeders

The State Farm has set up a bull breeder fair. If you have a bull ready to mate, you can rent it out to other players. Any player who has a cow ready to mate can take advantage of the offer to rent your breeding bull.

You set your own rental price in gold coins, based on the characteristics of your bull and the price situation on the market.

Once your bull is rented, mating with the tenant's cow takes place. The rental fee is credited to your game account (minus the Fair fee). The bull returns from the Fair and begins to prepare for a new mating.