Growing flowers

Growing flowers by tramps

Growing flowers

Although a vagabond cannot grow crops, there is an introductory farming option for clones of this status, namely growing flowers in a plot near a dugout. This option will be available if the hobo is the only clone in your account. To do this, he must first build a dugout. Building a dugout is instant and free, you can build a dugout in Investor → Real Estate → Build House.

How to plant and grow flowers

Flower seeds are available for free at the State Farm (menu section "Trade → State Farm → Biotechnology Department → Seed"). There are a total of 9 varieties (varieties) of flowers.

A plot of land in the dugout can be sown with one bag of seed at a time. One bag of seeds will produce 50 flowers of a certain species.

The process of growing flowers is similar to the process of growing other crops: you need to send the clone to work in the field, sow the seeds, wait for the crop to ripen, and harvest the flowers. The only difference is that vagrants do not have access to the processes of fertilizing the soil, and all the agricultural steps are faster, in just a few hours.

Cycles of growing flowers

The total time it takes to grow flowers depends on their variety.

Table. Cycle of growing flowers.

Sort of flowersSeeding (hours)Maturation (hours)Harvesting (hours)
Lilies Lilies1243
Black Roses (black, yellow, scarlet)1363
Chrysanthemums Chrysanthemums1243
Black Tulips (black, red, white)1483
Black Carnations1123

After picking flowers, the ground needs to rest, so the site goes into a state of "Black Steam," which lasts for 3 hours. The field is then ready for clone distribution and processing again.

There is no agricultural tax for growing flowers. Also, vagrants do not expend stamina when tilling the field (during the sowing and harvesting stages). It is impossible to hire a maid to speed up the process of growing flowers.

Warning. If your rogue clone was working on the field and then received the social status of artisan on the same day, the next day he will have used up his stamina for working on the field the day before, according to the rules of this game module, because at the time of the calculation he will no longer be a rogue. If a vagrant was tilling a field when his social status was raised, he would automatically be removed from that job and the harvest of flowers would be lost.

Using colors

Flowers can be sold at the Fair to other players.

A bouquet of an unlimited number of flowers can be given as a compliment to another player by sending it along with a letter by game mail. The recipient will see a beautiful picture of your bouquet and its composition.

Bouquet can consist of flowers of several varieties at the same time. A maximum of 3 different kinds of flowers can be attached to the letter. To add each new variety, use the "Add a Gift to Letter" link on the letter creation page.