Affiliate Program

Referral Program

A strong state is a state whose inhabitants are united, honest and like-minded.

Affiliate program is available at the link "Affiliate's office (opens in a new tab)".

The resident partnered with the Golden Clone Business Trainer is a state envoy. His mission is to tell the story of Clone Earth in a comprehensible way, thereby helping the state grow steadily and replenish the ranks of its residents with talented and ambitious people!

We strongly recommend that you read Jordan Belfort's book, "The Wolf of Wall Street Method" (not to be confused with "The Wolf of Wall Street", although it is also interesting). Belfort will teach you how to become a great salesman, negotiator, deal maker, entrepreneur, and public speaker. His sales system is so simple and effective that it can bring success to anyone who learns it in just a few days. This game is a simulator in which you have the opportunity to learn and hone skills in practice! May success be with you!

To start an affiliate activity, you need to get an affiliate link. You can do this after registering on the affiliate program website.

A referral is a participant who came and registered using your affiliate link. All clones in his account will be your referrals.

Attention: You can not be an affiliate of your other account, as well as any account with the same IP address as yours - be careful. The system monitors and, in the case of the described coincidence, your affiliate relationship may be terminated. No appeals are accepted on this issue, no additional checks (personal data, etc.) are made.

All the basic statistics of your affiliate activity will be displayed in your personal affiliate cabinet.

The "Age of Clones" affiliate program is a great option for passive income. Promote your affiliate link, invite your friends and acquaintances to register on it, help them get used to it and start developing. The Virtual State will gladly thank you for developing each of your referral clones. The game currency - gold coins - is exchanged for cloncoins and then for real money.

Most participants have more than one clone (game character), some have more than 100, and some have more than 1000. The number of clones per participant is unlimited. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the amount of income of the partner.

The affiliate program is, in fact, a form of gratitude to those who help develop the project, attracting the attention of the Internet community to it.

Dear partners! Please note that the affiliate program is aimed at active work with new members. It has nothing to do with ways to save money on your own development. Some members may try to use the affiliate program inappropriately - for example, as a way to get affiliate (and equally mentor) bonuses for developing their secondary (newly created) account registered under some third-party affiliate link, and then try to merge the old and new accounts according to the existing rules.

The described situation and others similar to it is a gross violation of the rules of the game and affiliate program. A detected violation may result in the blocking of the game account.

Partner bonuses

There are state contributions to the partner from the development of his referrals:

Transition to the next estate

If a referral clone has moved to the next estate, the partner receives from the state:

  • Passing to the Craftsmen class - 1 gold coin.
  • Transition to the estate of the peasantry - 2 gold coins.
  • Transition to the class of petty bourgeoisie - 8 gold coins.
  • Transition to the merchant class - 30 gold coins.
  • Transition to the Baron class - 80 gold coins.
  • Upgrade to the rank of Counts - 300 gold coins.
  • Transition to the rank of Emperors - 1000 units of intent.

Construction and improvement of facilities

Building and developing a clone of referral settlements will also bring the partner income:

  • Build an estate - 3 gold coins .
  • For each improvement of the enterprise in the settlement - 1 gold coin.
  • For completing the Great Colossus Miracle in Megapolis, 150 gold coins.
  • For the completion of any of the great buildings in the settlement - 100 gold coins.
  • For the construction of tanneries, ateliers, smelters in a settlement or principality - 1 gold coin.
  • For the construction of the principality - 10 gold coins.
  • For each improvement made to the enterprise in the principality - 2 gold coins.
  • For completing the construction in the principality of any of the Wonders - 150 gold coins.
  • For the completion of any of the great constructions in the principality - 100 gold coins.

Declared bonuses are paid to the partner's account in his personal cabinet minus 10% of the amount of the bonus. These funds go to the Tournament of Partners fund.

Affiliate statistics

Full and detailed statistics on the activities of his referrals (the number of registrations, status upgrades, construction of objects, etc.) partner can observe in his partner cabinet. It is on the basis of this information, which the game transmits to the affiliate cabinet, are made accrual of affiliate remuneration.

Directly in the game account statistics of the above actions is not kept. However, if an affiliate has linked his affiliate account to his in-game account, he can see two additional sections in the "Embassy" section.

The "Referral information" section contains a list of all clones from all active accounts of referrals who registered using an affiliate link. This list includes, for example, clones purchased at a clone auction (there is no affiliate fee for this action). Also, there is no information about accounts that have been deleted in the list. This explains the discrepancy in the number of registrations and the number of clones between the information in the game account and in the statistics of the affiliate program.

The "List of referrals" section has been added to allow you to contact referrals via game email. This page contains a list of the main clones from the active referral accounts. Keep in mind that the main clone may be a clone bought at auction, so this page is not a source of information about upgrading referrals.

Partner Tournament

The state has planned systematic competitions between partners.

Each month there are 10 winners who have earned the most gold coins from affiliate activities during this time interval.

Prizes are paid in gold coins from the Affiliate Tournament fund, which is formed from a deduction of 10% from each affiliate fee received during that time:

Medal placePart from the tournament fund (%)

Ethics of an ambassadorial mission

Our game simulator has a lot of advantages, it is multifaceted, and this is a reason for an interesting advertisement:

  • Jewelry - exclusive gifts to players.
  • Additional game server "Enclave" with unique types of resources and a separate economy.
  • The main game - the server "Metropolis" - a full-fledged simulation of state life and its economic processes.
  • We follow all the advances in human development, technology and theories, a lot of use in our work: the ideas of Jacque Fresco, biotechnology, renewable energy, the financial flows of Robert Kiyosaki and global market trends - everything finds its application. The Golden Clone project that we are implementing is not our "business" - it is our Life and Favorite Business.

Photos and a more detailed description of the simulator and its components can be found on the pages of the game, as well as in a special thread on the forum. "Golden Clone is a unique project in its own way, about which a relatively small number of Internet users know, so the work of the partners is very promising.

Attention! Reporting information using SPAM is strictly forbidden! Any affiliate found guilty of such misconduct will be immediately and permanently demoted and dismissed from the affiliate program.

The old referral program

The new principles of the referral program were introduced at the end of October 2013. You will not need this information if your account was created later than this date and if you didn't buy any "old" clones at the auction.

All old referral links between clones continue to exist and function according to the old rules until the clone referral is sold through the Clone Auction. Immediately after a clone is sold, its ambassadorial connection with its ancestor clone is severed and it disappears from its family tree. If such a clone gets into the account of a player participating in the new referral program, the referrer of this player will receive all payments under the rules of the new program when developing this clone. Otherwise, no benefits are provided. Only the connection with the ancestor of the clone is lost when it is sold. Links to descendant referrals are preserved, the clone will continue to receive ambassadorial bonuses when they are upgraded.

The old ambassadorial link continues to work, but newly invited clones do not become ambassadorial referrals.

Ambassadors who have referrals who registered under the old rules receive lump-sum bonuses immediately after each social status upgrade by a clone referral, in the amount:

  • 1 charisma unit.
  • 20% of the cost of obtaining social status ("artisan" and above).

Declared bonuses are paid (in gold coins) to the ambassador's game account, minus 10% of the value of the bonus. These funds go to the Tournament of Partners fund. Only "new generation" ambassadors can participate in the tournament.

Old referrals are NOT transformed into new referrals and thus do not bring additional income from the development of the referral described in the new affiliate program.

New referrals, in turn, do not get the features of the old ones, but only those described in the new affiliate program.

In order to participate in the new referral program, you need to register in the affiliate cabinet and get a new affiliate link.