Buying NFT on the Marketplace

All NFT games will be listed on the Magic Eden Marketplace - Magic Eden Marketplace (opens in a new tab)

Players can buy there not only NFTs from the administration, but also from other players. In other words, the marketplace has a convenient marketplace where everyone can sell.

When you go to the site of the marketplace, the first thing you need to attach your wallet to it. This is done in just a few clicks. If you use a wallet in a browser, it is sufficient to open the site of the Marketplace in the browser where the wallet is installed. If you use a cryptocurrency wallet on your phone, you must access the Marketplace site through the built-in browser of your wallet.

Click Connect Wallet (if you are logging in from the Phantom app browser on your phone, this button will be in the menu, which you can open by clicking on the three bars in the upper left corner of the site).


Then Verify Wallet.


And we sign the transaction in the wallet with the Approve button.


To find the NFT of the game collection you want, you need to go to the marketplace site and enter in the search name of the collection. For example, the Taurus Guard is the first collection in the world of the Golden Clone. **Check the name of the collection carefully, because cases of fraud are not excluded with fake collections, which may differ in the name by only 1 letter!


Clicking on this collection will take you to the sales page. Here you will see a little information about the collection, as well as all the lots for sale. At the top will be the cheapest lots at the moment, and the higher the price, the lower the lot will go on the page.


All lots are priced in Solana cryptocurrency and sold for it only. This collection contains only verified by the administration NFT, but if you want to make sure the authenticity of the exhibited NFT, read how to do it in the section "Crypto" → "Game NFT "Guardian Bulls" → "Authentication". Подробнее

To buy an NFT you like from your PC, hover your mouse over it and a Quick bye button will appear.


Then the Phantom Wallet window opens where you need to confirm the transaction. After confirmation you will receive the NFT on your wallet.

If you are making a purchase from a Phantom mobile wallet, go to the collection page and click on the NFT you want to buy: the View Cart button will appear.

Phantom mobile wallet purchase

Once you click, the information for that NFT will open and a purchase button - Bye Now - will appear.

Phantom mobile wallet purchase

Buying with a warrant

You can also place orders to buy NFT on the Magic Eden marketplace. Orders are not automatically triggered, and in order for your order to work, the seller must go in specifically and sell his NFT.

You can place an order on the collection page, using the Make offer button.


In the window that appears you can enter the number of NFTs you want to buy (Number of NFTs), from 1 to 20 pieces per order. And in the Price field you need to specify the price at which you want to buy them. Then the Phantom Wallet window opens where you need to confirm the transaction. When an order is placed, the entire amount needed to purchase is reserved, including commissions.


To cancel the order, you need to go to the tabs on the collection page - Collection OffersMy Offers and click Cancel offer, and confirm the transaction in the wallet.

Buying "out of hand"

In addition to buying on the marketplace, you can also buy NFTs off hand from other players. However, it is worth remembering the risks, because in this case, the seller or the buyer must be the first to send their cryptocurrency or NFT. In this case, it is possible that you are cheating, especially if a stranger offers you in personal correspondence to buy from him NFT, even at an undervalued price. In case you are sold a fake NFT or you are the first to discount the cryptocurrency and the scammer just disappears - the administration will not be able to return your assets to you. **Be vigilant!

**Administration recommends conducting transactions only through well-known marketplaces!

However, if you do decide to buy NFTs by hand, you should only deal with people you know and trust.


When buying through the Magic Eden Marketplace, the main commission is paid by the buyer. The commission is 5% So the final price when you buy an NFT will consist of the price of the NFT + 5% commission + gas fee per transaction (0.00001 Solana). The buyer pays 4.5% (3% royalty to the administration and 1.5% to the marketplace). The seller pays 0.5% commission to the marketplace.

For example, if an NFT is sold for 1 Solana, you would need 1.045 Solanas to purchase it, as well as 0.00001 Solana to pay for gas per transaction.