Rating of "Exchange Sharks"

In this tournament, the best traders of the clone world compete

Merchant Rating

When buying or selling an item, the merchant receives "Merchant Authority" units of knowledge. Every 10 gold coins spent or gained by a clone in the course of trading in the Trade Guild (except the Currency Exchange) gives +1 Merchant Authority.

The amount of "Merchant Authority" in a clone is recalculated once a day at the calculated time.

The number of "Merchant Authority" units on the amount of bonus if your clone is an employee of the State Enterprise Trade Guild. Read more

  • Merchants of the week - the best for the current week (the most "Merchant Authority" units for the time interval from each Monday 00:00 hours to Sunday 23:59 GMT);
  • Merchants of the month - the best for the current month (from the first day of the month to the last day of this month);
  • Great merchants are the best in history.

Merchant of the Week Tournament

The State of the Clone Land seeks to encourage the best merchants of the Merchant Guild! For this purpose, the Merchant of the Week tournament was established.

The prize fund for the winners of the tournament is formed during the week. The tournament fund receives 20% of the state profits of the Trade Guild. At the end of the week, prizes are paid to the winners.

Table. Distribution of the "Merchant of the Week" tournament fund among the winners

Medal placeShare of the prize fund (%)