Lucky Clone Award

To enter the Lucky Clone prize draw, you must meet the conditions:

  • Have the social status of a Craftsman clone or higher.
  • Have a Clone Luck value of 10 or higher.

Table. Amount of Luck a Clone Gets when Eating a Gift

Hunting prizesHow much "luck" gives 1 forest gift
Handful of Nuts Handful of Nuts0.1
Лисички Chanterelles0.2
Хмель Hops0.5
Трюфели Truffles0.8
A basket of mushrooms A basket of mushrooms1
Basket of berries Basket of berries2
Barrel of Honey Barrel of Honey3

Gifts for the contest can be obtained in two ways:

No special registration is required to participate. It is not necessary to be a hunter - it is enough to meet the specified conditions.

Drawing is carried out automatically every 30 minutes. The winner is determined at random among all participants. He receives a prize in gold coins, which is 1/48 of the accumulated in the prize fund at the time of the current drawing.

The more clones you have, the more chances you have to win! Each clone can win a prize an unlimited number of times per day.

Every day (at the beginning of the day) the "Clone Luck" trait is reduced by 0.5 units. (but not below 0). To increase the characteristic it is necessary to eat "forest gifts" (in the clone's bag or in the storehouse). You can eat an unlimited amount of forest products at one time.

**The "clone luck" characteristic only determines whether your clone can participate in the drawing for this prize. It has no effect on any other aspect of clone life. The absolute value of the trait does not matter - clones with a value of 10. and 1,000 units. good luck equal chances of winning.

Statistics on Lucky Clone wins and prize payouts can be found on the "Statistics" → "Lucky Clone" page.