Special education

In the game there are several types of special education, which are needed for various game activities (learning combat skills, construction, employment, etc.).

Table. Special education

NameCostOpportunities to be discovered
Geologist education3 Золотой goldA Geologist education will allow your clone to develop gold mines and placers with various resources.
Jeweler education3 Золотой goldA Jeweler's Education will allow your clone to get a job in a cutting factory and jeweler's workshop, subject to requirements and availability.
Gunsmith3 Золотой goldAfter completing this course, your clone will be able to order gunpowder, salt and live ammunition, and cannonballs from Colt's gunsmith.
Surgeon education5 Золотой gold, 20 Рассудительность prudence (check availability)After receiving the "Surgeon" education you will be able to learn the combat skills "First Aid" or "Last Chance".
Paramedic education1 Золотой gold, 5 Рассудительность prudence (check availability)After you receive the "Paramedic" education, your clone will be able to get a job in a night shelter (subject to requirements and availability).
Dragon rider30 Золотой gold, 5,000 Опыт experience, 3,000 Намерение intentions (check availability) (need status of Philistine or higher)After education, the clone will be able to control the dragon in battle
Megalith engineer5 Золотой gold (requires the status of a Philistine or higher)The use of megaliths in construction requires additional knowledge of engineering. The right place for the foundation of the great construction, the accuracy of the construction of many kilometers of aqueduct… The knowledge gained here will allow your character to create structures that can stand the test of time for thousands of years.